Tuesday, August 7, 2012

adventures in gel nails

Over the past year I've been becoming more and more of a fan of gel nails. They are worth the extra $5-$8 because they legit don't quit(/chip)! My favorite brand is Gelish as their colors are way better than others and I think they last the best! As you can see I am really mature in my color choices.......

^ terrible polish, amazing color.

^ Chanel - Graphite

^ Fulfilling bridesmaid duties

^ Self ombré

Fun nails are just a minor way of brightening up your life, completely frivolous but sometimes the perfect pick me up (just wait until the color is set)

thick hair

Monday, August 6, 2012

adventures on the road

observations from the road part 1:

- there are some people who find it a reasonable request to want to carry on a quart of barbecue sauce in their carry-ons
- there are people who insist on putting their bags in row 5, while having a seat in row 23
- furthermore there are people who insist on designating an entire overhead bin to their: jacket, laptop bag, backpack and the such.

moral of the story: smile at them anyway.

stay tuned.. I'm on the road 40 weeks a year.

thick hair

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