Tuesday, August 7, 2012

adventures in gel nails

Over the past year I've been becoming more and more of a fan of gel nails. They are worth the extra $5-$8 because they legit don't quit(/chip)! My favorite brand is Gelish as their colors are way better than others and I think they last the best! As you can see I am really mature in my color choices.......

^ terrible polish, amazing color.

^ Chanel - Graphite

^ Fulfilling bridesmaid duties

^ Self ombré

Fun nails are just a minor way of brightening up your life, completely frivolous but sometimes the perfect pick me up (just wait until the color is set)

thick hair

Monday, August 6, 2012

adventures on the road

observations from the road part 1:

- there are some people who find it a reasonable request to want to carry on a quart of barbecue sauce in their carry-ons
- there are people who insist on putting their bags in row 5, while having a seat in row 23
- furthermore there are people who insist on designating an entire overhead bin to their: jacket, laptop bag, backpack and the such.

moral of the story: smile at them anyway.

stay tuned.. I'm on the road 40 weeks a year.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


life since December 11, 2011:

- Christmas in fort lauderdale was wonderful, so thankful to be close to home!
- dad is officially on the kidney transplant list. such a PRAISE! the prayer is now for him to stay healthy & a match to come up!
- spent NYE in jacksonville, my 3rd favorite city in florida (ftl, tally top 2) with great friends
- Granny came over again for 3 weeks!! She is the best. My hero!
- traveled to NYC for a week to see the new Spring/Summer collection! IT.IS.AMAZING.
- bought another car.. because my first one was faulty.. take it from me: BUY CERTIFIED.

still loving my job, my jon, living in fort lauderdale & being close to my friends and family!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

corporate christmas: how too.

Instead of agonizing over, what do I get my boss/coworkers for Christmas (yes, I said CHRISTMAS & not 'the holidays', go with what you know:
1. Unless they suffered from alcoholism
2. They are devout Southern Baptists/Muslims/other alcohol-banning religion

It's easy, they'll appreciate it and it's really easy.

I'll call this, "Thick Hair's Cheers for Christmas", or something cheesey like that.

-# of champagne splits, based on your gift-receiving population.
*here is where you can save big. I was moments away from going with Cooks, a classy $7.99 for 4 splits, when BFF Jenna reminded me I was thinking college drunk and not professional drunk, good call Sebastian (janikowski reference dating back to JH). I stepped up and went with Korbel, $14.99 for 4. Feel free to use various spirits or brands, based on your budget and your company.

-tissue paper
see below
-cellophane bags
these they have at the dollar store, if you didn't already know, the dollar store is a mecca for stuff that doesnt need to last forever/gets thrown out after 1 use (ie wrapping paper, costumes and pregnancy tests - no but really, they sell them at my dollar store in the check out line). mine also came with small individual gift tags as to avoid any passing out (of the gifts, not your co-workers fainting) confusion.
- candy
they also have this at the dollar store, but would eat food from the dollar store? splurge here and get the good Christmas dove in pretty foils

- Christmas cards
I went with the mega-pack that I liked the most and was sure to write, "cheers to a prosperous 2012" on every card - to keep the them in theme.

wrap each bottle in tissue and put 1 per bag. Include some Dove goodness and voila! the perfect Christmas cheer for everyone.

after passing out the cheer (or mailing in my case), sit back, relax and imagine you co-workers giving you snaps for being creative and giving the gift everyone loves: a free buzz.

thick hair

Saturday, December 10, 2011

firm party.

Tonight was boyfriend's firm's Christmas party and I was faced with a major fashion dilemma, no but really...

A. What kind of dress? Casual, date night, cocktail, dressy
B. Buy new or use an old faithful
C. Risk being 'that girl' by sticking out or blend in and be boringggg!

Obviously I've re-befriended the partner's daughter who I grew up with and learned it was a dressy affair (aka yey for stepford wife in training) and went with below:

In true thick hair fashion, I scored this Alice + Olivia inspired frock for a mere $50 from a rando boutique in Miami, original price: $270! Crowd pleaser & more importantly, associate-boyfriend pleaser.

Ps the partners loved me.

Last night we dressed up as the grinchies :)

Merry Christmas loves!

thick hair

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

pssst, guess what!

I'm back. Get ready for more adventures from the road.

thick hair

thick hair