Friday, January 28, 2011

friday things

things that are making me happy today:

1. my dad got an AWESOME report from the hospital/doctors this morning. as a result, he bought a train for our backyard. a really expensive one. my dad has always taught us to live moderately when it came to possessions but exorbitantly when it came to experiences & friendships, so this is really funny to my sister and I. he chose the train over his thoughts of getting a donkey. yes, a donkey.

the initial email, which i instantly forwarded to a few friends to give them a good/GREAT laugh:
Email 2

And to save you having to go to this website, this is Hope Diamond, Spencer's "twin", as my sister claims.

2. Yesterday, while I was on: My Fashion Cents, I discovered I-Ella, "Share Your Closet", which is a website where you can buy, rent, bid and sell clothing from your own closet. Celebrities do charity auctions on it, this week: Selita Ebanks:

The great part about shopping on this site, is that 10% of the COST of your item, goes to a charity. You can choose from the charities on their website. So I was ecstatic when I found...

Vintage Gucci Crossbody
I have been looking for a vintage brown monogram gucci bag since I was in college, I would find one, debate it and then decide it was out of my price range. But this gem was not! Marked at $175, I decided to offer $145 (staying under $150 was my goal). I got an email this AM saying my offer was accepted! *The only sidenote here is that once your offer is accepted, it is open to the public so you have to act fast to purchase.

I got straight on my i-ella account and went to check out. I did not really realize the charity donation was built it, so when it popped up, I was pleasantly surpised that $14.50 (10%) of my purchase was going to a charity (I chose Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer), and I would be then be charged $130.50 for my dream vintage bag! I think YES! Shipping was $7, & should be here in 3-5 days. I will give a full report when she arrives.

3. Also making me happy, my new etsy necklace:
Sideways Cross Necklace
I saw a girl wearing it on the Bachelor, and started google-ing. I was excited to find one very similar on Etsy at LillyLawson. Shipping was $3 and it was here in 2 days! I am wearing it today & am enjoying it.

*Note, I know the past 2 items that are making me happy are shopping related. I hardly EVER shop these days as I am trying to save my money, but they are two things I know I will have for a long time, and are things that I have been looking for. & maybe I have a bit of my dad's "you only live once" attitude this week.

4. having this as my desktop background:
Former supermodel, Maggie Rizer's father, raised & showed Golden Retrievers from when she was a young age til he passed away. She now has three goldens of her own - Albert, Henry & Beatrice. Pictured here is Beatrice after being bathed for 3 hours (wow, dedication!). Her blog is a collection of memories, adorable pictures and stories about her life with goldens. Jealous, would be an understatement.

5. the amazing weather Los Angeles is currently experiencing

6. the weekend wedding of tyler & lauren, two wonderful friends

7. just booked work trips to las vegas & new york. first work trip ever!

8. my girlfriends who got my back.

9. my boss who is confident in my abilities and has been more than understanding with my car issues.

things that are not making me happy today (but am thankful I can cope with):

1. my car is in the shop, again. after last week's incident, this week's warranty recall on a part, babe (the car) decided she was hot and wanted to stop running. at 260 degrees, I obliged. VW sent roadside service, so she is there now, for the 3rd time in a week. I made it quite adomint that I would not be paying, because she was serviced & good to go last Thursday.

1a. I had to drive a tractor to work. Okay, a 98 4Runner, but it felt like a tractor.
1b. My parking pass is hanging where it is supposed to - babe's rearview mirror. $12 parking today with no pass.
1c. dealing with car issues has made me late to work 3 out of the last 5 days.

2. disrespectful people. nevermind disrespecting me, or someone I love, but respect yo-self!

3. not being able to go to tyler & lauren's wedding because I thought I would be in Aspen for work, which got mishandled/canceled/out of my hands.

sorry if I bored you with my longest post ever?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a hand written note

Last night I wandered into Target as I had a gift card & was in need of some new lotion. TMI? Hope not, because I recently used a friends and fell in love with it. St.Ives Soothing Oatmeal Shea - and the greatest part is it is only $2.99. After my little car hiccup, I am trying to budget A LOT, so having a gift card & only spending $4.36 was a great accomplishment.

The other dollar?

Spent on this adorable Valentine's Day Card:

In the Target $1 section, they had some of the cutest Valentine's Day cards I have seen in a long time! I chose just this one - and it actually did not make it into the hands of my honey, I am using it to adorn my new cork board on my desk at work! GO GET SOME!

& it took every fiber of my being (okay not really..) to not buy this card too:

this post is 2 of my New Year's resolutions: 1. to take better care of my skin & 2. to write more notes. My old roommate, Jess, was so very diligent on writing hand written notes & I think there is nothing more personal or a way to show love than to take the simple time & effort and send a friend a little note.

I got a little jumpstart by doing Christmas cards, of course my great idea to do homemade & totally handwritten did not completely work - but I loved my final design product:
the inside read..
do all the things that make the holiday yours.

I was inspired by these:

Kate Spade's "Spike the Punch" holiday cards

I am also, as always, loving Papyrus' Valentine's Day cards (or any greeting card by them for that matter!)

Heart Quote

Pug with Heart Glasses

Flourishes & Heart Gem
Now if only I could afford $6 greeting cards to send to all my loves..

& a little plug for my favorite italian sisters.. Blake & Lauren are finally starting their paperie! I know the name, but cannot share yet! Check out some of their BEAUTIFUL compilations. Blake is the painter & Lauren is the graphic design! They are SO good.
here is a sampling:

Like/LOVE what you see? Me too! Check more out :

Monday, January 24, 2011

last wednesday

last wednesday I had a really scary incident happen.. a few people have asked for the details because it was quite an ordeal, so figured I would share with my e-friends.

"ugh, yeah it was terrifying.

i was actually trying to get to the VW dealership to service my car, but when they finally answered the phone they said they were closed, so i got off the highway so that i could go back towards my apt..

ending up getting lost in south central LA .. aka the parts of the town they tell you to never, ever, go to. where a lot of the gang stuff happens, its like 1.5 miles from where i work (you know how quickly parts of town can change tho..)

i turned left through a light at an intersection that had 2 lanes going each way, normal stuff.. traffic was pretty heavy so i didnt really see what i was turning into and ended up on the tram rails, which wasnt that big of i deal (at least i thought!) figured i would just turn out of it at the next intersection (i couldnt turn out in between because there were 6-8"ish concrete risers that my car wouldnt have been able to get over.)

only then i looked up and there was a tram coming up behind me.. 20ft tall, 4 cars full of people, horn blaring, huge light in my rear view mirror. so scary!

so i sped up, still thinking, okay, speeeeeed out and then just pull into the right lane. but when i started speeding and my car tires kept getting stuck in the divets where the trams wheels/rails go (like 6" openings that are deep"), which i didnt know where there bc ive never seen a tram in the middle of the stinking road. so i start swerving back and force bouncing off of the risers, felt my one tire pop and then finally got to the next intersection and was able to get out of the lane, only to have the tram continue to honk and speed past at 40mph at least. at some point my other tire had popped so when i pulled into the first parking lot i came to, i was hysterical & terrified to get out of the car (because of thinking my car was ruined & the part of town i was in after dark).

but thankfully, i had pulled into a fashion company where there were lots of kind asian people and nice cars.

tow truck came after abt and hour, jon got to me from his school pretty quickly thinking my car was like cut in half (oops.). tow guy said my rims may be cracked which meant a lot of damage so suggested i towed to VW (I guess i was destined to make it to vw one way or another) so got the car towed there where the sales team (service was closed) that they couldnt really see any rim damage.. just scratches. the sales guy was so nice and suggested i buy my own tires to save some $. so i bought tires the next AM, took them to VW & $500 later i am okay, and have 2 new front tires. woo!

i am so thankful the tram was behind me and not coming towards me.. would not have been good :(

i am okay, just really shaken up. i cant drive over railroad tracks without freaking out & downtown LA has tons, so driving to and from work is an emotional victory!!!"
it was a really really scary few moments, followed by the anxiety of having to pay for repairs. i am so thankful the Lord protected me!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

woof wednesday

Meet: Dallas
Irvine, California
Golden Retriever/Chow Mix
Sparky & the Gang Shelter

"Dallas will be one big fluffy girl with a big heart...She is extremly sweet and loves to run and play..Her owners had to many dogs and mom had 8 pups and he did not know to do.....sooooo.....instead of dumping them off at the shelter we rescued them..He said mom was a Retervier MIx and Daddy is unknown.They are 3 months old and already 20 pounds... "

Dallas is close to being my dream dog. Golden with a little bit of flare. Super big & furry = heaven. I want to cuddle with her NOW!

Please call or email to meet this dog today.

"no paw left behind"
It's our mission!
Adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment.
wanna join Woof Wednesdays! Email Lauren at
we would love to bring you on board.
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Monday, January 17, 2011

golden globes mini-recap

Best Dressed:

Anne Hathaway - Giorgio Armani Privé

a close 2nd!:

January Jones in Versace
this is 2nd place because it is a little too risqué for the globes.
other loves:

Tina Fey, L'Wren Scott
Piper Perabo, Oscar de la Renta

Emma Stone, Calvin Klein Collection

Amber Riley, Oliver Tolentino

Julie Bowen, Tadashi Shoji

Mila Kunis, Vera Wang
Worst Dressed:
Tilda Swinton, Jil Sandler

others I won't be going to to "get the look":
Nicole Kidman, Prada. More like blah-da. Or Bore-da
Michelle Williams, Valentino

Agree? Disagree?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

bag lust

I loveeee purses. All colors, sizes, values, fabrications.. My favorite clutch is a green eel skin bag I got at Goodwill in Tallahassee. It's a beauty.

For years & years I wanted a Louis Vuitton "Speedy" bag, as if you need a picture:
So naturally, for my college graduation, I bought myself one! I loved it, wore it too much & now keep her (I named her Miss.America, not sure why) in her dust bag and only use sparingly. Sad, but will be worth it. They are repairable but costs almost a 1/3 of the purse price & takes 2 months to do so.

My mom bought me an awesome Henri Bendel bag for Christmas, but it was not my type. Unfortunately I cannot find a picture on their site, but it was a small purse on a long leather strap & was metallic and black python. I am a big purse girl, so I exchanged it for a purse very similar to this, but is Eel skin & dusty blue:
Debutante Asymmetric Black Mock Croc Clutch

+= Christmas love.
She's a beauty.

I am currently loving these bags,
First one, by Marc. I love the hardware & the versatile ways of carrying. My pick would be Saddle, yours?Out of my current price range, but still loving:


Second, all of Alexander Wang's riveted collection:

How great are these too:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

woof wednesday: Chalky

I am loving this pup's hair do!

Meet: Chalky
Palo Alto, California

Chalky, male
fluffy tail too!

"Chalky was born on October 21st and had 7 siblings that all had to be bottle fed. Chalky was the lone survivor of the litter. Sometimes this happens if mom can't take care of them. We're just thrilled he survived. He is teflon strong! He is absolutely full of personality, spunk, mischief and there is a moment he isn't ready to play. He is full of himself and probably one of the smartest pups we've had in a long time. He learned the doggy door the first day and thought it was pretty cool to run in and out. He is crate trained. He loves to play with the cats. He has lived with big dogs and small dogs and he doesn't care as long as they want to play with him! He currently lives with kids who have taught him how to walk on a leash in his yard (not allowed out in public walking until he's had all of his shots!)

Chalky will probably be in the 50lbs range when full grown. He has a pretty dense coat which will require regular grooming. We have already started brushing him and he loves it especially if he gets a belly rub out of it too. Chalky loves to play with toys but most of all he loves to be with his people. He will be going full speed ahead like any good pup and all of sudden crash in the middle of the floor. Just 2 seconds before he may have been running but now he's sound asleep. It's life as a happy, healthy puppy

Look how cute he is in action too!:

"no paw left behind"

It's our mission!


Adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

what's for dinner last night

I have not had a chance to do a real grocery shop yet since I got back from Florida, so last night I improvised after looking what we had in the reserves...
- chicken breasts
- 2 bags of left over torilla chips
- sour cream

hmmm.. how about chicken baked in tortilla chips? yes please.

take to google on my iphone.. chicken tortilla soup - no, chicken tortillas/fajitas - not tonight, baked tortilla chip chicken strips - yes!

my new favorite thing to do when I find recipes on my iPhone is take a screen capture of it (top button & home button at the same time). saves to your photo album!



egg mixture: (I substituted ~1/4 a cup of barbeque sauce & some chili powder/Lowry's seasoning for wing sauce as the chicken had been marinated & frozen in it already.. and we did not have wing sauce!)

my helper:
out of the oven & smelling SO good:
ta dah!
(served with rice that I added salsa too for a little Mexi-flare & topped with grated cheese and a dolop of sour cream.. & boring green beans.)

so yummy - definitely will be making again, might use the wing sauce next time.