Sunday, December 11, 2011

corporate christmas: how too.

Instead of agonizing over, what do I get my boss/coworkers for Christmas (yes, I said CHRISTMAS & not 'the holidays', go with what you know:
1. Unless they suffered from alcoholism
2. They are devout Southern Baptists/Muslims/other alcohol-banning religion

It's easy, they'll appreciate it and it's really easy.

I'll call this, "Thick Hair's Cheers for Christmas", or something cheesey like that.

-# of champagne splits, based on your gift-receiving population.
*here is where you can save big. I was moments away from going with Cooks, a classy $7.99 for 4 splits, when BFF Jenna reminded me I was thinking college drunk and not professional drunk, good call Sebastian (janikowski reference dating back to JH). I stepped up and went with Korbel, $14.99 for 4. Feel free to use various spirits or brands, based on your budget and your company.

-tissue paper
see below
-cellophane bags
these they have at the dollar store, if you didn't already know, the dollar store is a mecca for stuff that doesnt need to last forever/gets thrown out after 1 use (ie wrapping paper, costumes and pregnancy tests - no but really, they sell them at my dollar store in the check out line). mine also came with small individual gift tags as to avoid any passing out (of the gifts, not your co-workers fainting) confusion.
- candy
they also have this at the dollar store, but would eat food from the dollar store? splurge here and get the good Christmas dove in pretty foils

- Christmas cards
I went with the mega-pack that I liked the most and was sure to write, "cheers to a prosperous 2012" on every card - to keep the them in theme.

wrap each bottle in tissue and put 1 per bag. Include some Dove goodness and voila! the perfect Christmas cheer for everyone.

after passing out the cheer (or mailing in my case), sit back, relax and imagine you co-workers giving you snaps for being creative and giving the gift everyone loves: a free buzz.

thick hair

Saturday, December 10, 2011

firm party.

Tonight was boyfriend's firm's Christmas party and I was faced with a major fashion dilemma, no but really...

A. What kind of dress? Casual, date night, cocktail, dressy
B. Buy new or use an old faithful
C. Risk being 'that girl' by sticking out or blend in and be boringggg!

Obviously I've re-befriended the partner's daughter who I grew up with and learned it was a dressy affair (aka yey for stepford wife in training) and went with below:

In true thick hair fashion, I scored this Alice + Olivia inspired frock for a mere $50 from a rando boutique in Miami, original price: $270! Crowd pleaser & more importantly, associate-boyfriend pleaser.

Ps the partners loved me.

Last night we dressed up as the grinchies :)

Merry Christmas loves!

thick hair

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

pssst, guess what!

I'm back. Get ready for more adventures from the road.

thick hair

thick hair

Friday, August 12, 2011

"I die" (said in my most rachel zoe voice)

One of the first designers I was able to identify on the pages of various style magazines or on the runway was Missoni. The patterns, use of color and boho styles have always been beautiful to me. Of course that beauty comes at a really high price, so when my sister sent me the word that Missoni was doing a mini line for Target, I was 100% IN!


Ah, that signature chevron + earthy, rich colors + target price point = friendly fashion for the low tax bracket folks like myself.
Hits stores September 13th, 2011. (I was tempted to tell you the 14th so that I could get a head start)

Friday, August 5, 2011

my new fluffy friend?

how cute is her sweet face? her name is Taylor (not my ideal dog name, I have friends with that name!!)

this must be her sassy (why you waking me up & not rubbing my belly) face. (ie, we are soulmates)

& this must be her social butterfly face..

Here is what her fosters parents say,
"Taylor is an adorable 1-2 year old, petite, golden mix, weighing 40 lbs. She was recently rescued from a shelter and has successfully undergone heartworm treatment. It was necessary to shave her due the severe matting to her coat. Taylor appears to have been mistreated and or neglected. Her initial adjustment was difficult and Taylor was frightened, defensive and unsure that she could trust. She is now safe in a foster home with 2 other dogs and a cat and is transitioning beautifully. Her fear is melting away and she continues to make tremendous progress. Taylor is now smiling and has become quiet the cuddlier. She is learning basic commands, walks nicely on a leash, is housetrained and adores riding in the car. Taylor is a special dog who will continue to need reassurance as she continues to learn to socialize with people and other animals. She is good with older children and does fine with other dogs as long as they do not intrude on her personal space. This dog is currently in one of our wonderful Foster Homes for evaluation and lots of love."

I think Taylor would do wonderful at my parent's house for a time & then continue on the journey of life with me! As long as Gracie does not intrude her "personal space" too much... uhh, that might be an issue!

happy friday Y'ALL!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

florida on my mind!

this past month has been a blur of a trip home to see my Granny, getting to see fabulous friends in Atlanta, celebrating a wedding in South Carolina and exploring southern California. we are trying to pack much exploring in because.. we are moving back to Florida! I have mixed feelings about the move & in true lawyer's-girlfriend-style, I will Pro/Con it for you all (all 3 readers, hi mom & dad!)

Being close to family!
Being close to friends!
Not missing things like birthday parties, bachelorette parties (hi Mel!), spontaneous trips & fun events
Seeing my doggies
FSU football season
Starting a career that I hope will last longer than 12 months (which is my current longeset run at a job, but I have good reasons why, right HLS?)
Not getting looked at weird when I say "y'all"
Maybe getting my own puppy

I LOVE working in the Fashion District. I am inspired daily & love being in a creative environment
I LOVE the designers I work with. They are the best.
My boss values me and compliments me
This freak (our term of endearment) of a friend I have named Caitlin (& her fluffy haired roommate Tiffany)
The amazing weather
Going on hikes in cool places like Malibu, Laguna Beach, Runyon Canyon (I say those as I flip my hair like a true LA girl)
Being in a city where you can do anything, see anything, shop anywhere and see celebrities

It is a tough decision, but in the long run it is best. I am encouraged by a positive response to a few jobs I have applied for and am excited about what is next.

Plus, to move back we are going the best road trip ever.

Day 1: LA - Utah (Jon asked if we could find some polygamists to stay with, weirdo)
Day 2: Utah - ASPEN!! (my favorite Aunt & Uncle & cousins live there, they are hilarious & super fun)
Day 3: ASPEN!! (we hope to go white-water rafting & to the rodeo y'all)
Day 4: Aspen to Iowa (Aspen loses the CAPS because I will be sad to leave)
Day 5: Iowa to CHICAGO!! (one of my sorority sisters is getting married & I know it is going to be fabulous x10)
Day 6: Either:: Chicago to Las Vegas (for my grand finale working a trade show for my current job)
           or        Chicago to Louisville (to say with TJ & Stu)
Day 7: Either:: Vegas
           or Louisville to Jacksonville
Day 8: Either:: Vegas
           or Jacksonville to Florida (directly to turn in my pretty car because the lease is up)

Phew, that's a lot of itinerary.

I will leave you with some true Florida pieces I think I need to welcome me home.
Forever 21 Flamingo Pendant, $4.80
California pillow, to remember our year!, Uncommon Goods, $149

Borderline obnoxious (ie Fabulous) Lilly Dress, Saks $298
See you soon east coast.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


my dream job is here!!!

click to enlarge
just kiddingggg.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


dress: check

bracelet: check

need help to complete...

Belt ideas?

1. DIY Organza Flowers, attach to a thin gold leather belt..
(ixnay the tulle-ay!)

2. fun, retro belt? risk looking like a gator..

3. Totally out of the budget at $135 (& sold out), but love.

4. too much gold?

Banana Republic from awhile ago.. sad.

p.s. I should mention I bought 1/2 yard of silk organza & beads & 2 gold buttons last night... Do I already know the winner? Maybe...


Monday, June 20, 2011


love her, mean it.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

south carolina wedding

Mens Sheepskin Lined Gloves

Mens Sheepskin Lined Gloves

Lilly Pulitzer sandals

Nancy Gonzalez clutch

CC SKYE - CC SKYE Feather Bangle Wrap Bracelet

Essie Grey Nail Polish - Body Language Manicure Varnish > Essie > Shop...

Forever21 dress


people, it's not hard.

don't buy this:
Zara, Cotton/Silk  Blouse, 59.99
when you can buy 6 of these, for that same price:
but as we all know, H&M, is incapable of letting us shop online in the USA, so get to your nearest H&M store.
these retail for $9.95!
unless, you want to buy 2 of the zara tops & send me one...

that is all.

summer salad obsession

a few weeks ago we went to San Francisco to visit Jon's sister & her family. her husband is italian and taught me how to make a few things.. crepes, molten lava cake and a delicious salad dressing! I love balsamic vinagrette and this is very similar. I created this salad after having a similar one a few times from the cafe under my office building. it was delicious, Jon loved it too!

- spinach mix
- turkey breast from the deli. (ask the your deli man to cut it extra thick, like a carved turker would be!)
- strawberries
- tomatoes (optional)
- goat cheese
- pecans (if you have them on hand!)

ingredients for dressing:
- balsamic
- olive oil
- honey
- dijon mustard

- mix all your dry ingredients. I shred the turkey, and break up the goat cheese into the smallest crumbles. (Goat cheese is a very soft cheese, kind of like cream cheese/blue cheese texture, and it has a strong taste; if you get a big bite of it, it's a little intense!)

to make dressing:
up-close deliciousness
- start with olive oil & balsamic, get the mixture to your tasting
- add the honey & dijon, whisk up! (you can use a fork for this, the fork you will eat dinner with!)
- add enough til you get the consistency/taste that you like the most. it's not really possible to mess this up, but I would recommend starting with a small amount, so that you don't have 1 cup of salad dressing and only need 1/4 a cup for dinner.


Friday, June 10, 2011

friday, friday gotta get down on friday

that's all the Rebecca Black I will ever quote, promise.

YEY it is Friday! I am really excited that we are staying in town (& also kinda happy we are guest-free, sorry friends.)

This weekend we are using the Christmas present I got for Jon on LivingSocial. A 10 hour fishing trip (for 65% off!) from Newport Beach.

This is what I am hoping for:
This is what I am dreading:

Yes, that I googled "Deadliest Catch" for this image..

So fishing trip is #1 great thing about Friday, here are some others..

2. Dispatch concert Sunday night!

3. I was asked to be a bridesmaid by one of my best friends, by way of super cute cookies!
4. The ridiculous amounts of pictures my dad has been emailing me of our cone-headed doggies that both had to have the same ear surgery last week.

Cone-headed gracie (see the cone?)

5. My friends convinced me to sign up for the Savannah Rock n Roll Half Marathon. Not sure if this goes under the happy or crappy list.. but I am trying to positive here.

6. This nailpolish, I am in love.

& to round out the postings, some cute pictures from Pinterest!