Monday, October 26, 2009

back to my roots - american roots!

so after a fun time in atlanta, 3 rounds of interviews ending up in a hiring freeze, i came back to fort lauderdale. i am happy to be home for the holiday season, see my family and cuddle with gracie and star!
i am working on getting certified to teach - 5th thru 9th grade! i really would like to teach math, which i never would have expected. but i just enjoy it! the certification is done in May so if you need me to work for you - anything! - call me!

although it is fall weather here, it is still H-O-T. I just came in from the pool!

one of my best friends is having a baby boy! while they dont know the first name yet, her husband has convinced most everyone to give him the middle name TANK. How funny! I think it is kind of cute.

got to go, air conditioner repair man is here. yes, it is BROKEN!