Monday, October 26, 2009

back to my roots - american roots!

so after a fun time in atlanta, 3 rounds of interviews ending up in a hiring freeze, i came back to fort lauderdale. i am happy to be home for the holiday season, see my family and cuddle with gracie and star!
i am working on getting certified to teach - 5th thru 9th grade! i really would like to teach math, which i never would have expected. but i just enjoy it! the certification is done in May so if you need me to work for you - anything! - call me!

although it is fall weather here, it is still H-O-T. I just came in from the pool!

one of my best friends is having a baby boy! while they dont know the first name yet, her husband has convinced most everyone to give him the middle name TANK. How funny! I think it is kind of cute.

got to go, air conditioner repair man is here. yes, it is BROKEN!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

check mate

so last night I was watching the bachelorette season finale surrounded by trader joe's 3 layer hummus, pesto flatbread and 3 of my best friends. at every commercial break all 4 of us picked up our smartphones and scrolled around, looking for any sort of new notification, email, text, bbm, anything! you can guarantee that 12 months ago this would not be the case, what has happened to us in the past year that makes us so digitally dependent? it is sad!

today, as most weekdays, I am posted up at caribou coffee using,, searching for that job. I have been here for 3 hours, applied for another 4 or 5 jobs, found out that I am caribbean green [go to] to find out your color! but just in the past hour, 10 or 11 senior citizens have come in and set up their chess tables. they are adorable. most of them carry their roll up chess mats in their free pharmaceutical bags [at the moment I can see on for oncology and another for osteoporosis].

and I got to thinking.. [carrie bradshaw] what will we be doing when we are their age? what will we meet at the coffee shop to do for fun? play brickbreaker? compare our new iPhone applications on bone density and coupon clipping?

and I cannot wait to get my new lap top on Thursday [tax refund and tax free weekend in joe-ja] so I can blog more and have a more effective job search!

oh yeah, and I moved to Atlanta.


thick hair

Thursday, June 4, 2009

back in action

hi friends,

after a 4 month hiatus here i am back, not sure what the ol blog will be covering in the future. but here is a recap:
  • the economy ate my job
  • which leads to job hunt
  • interrupted by needing a new place to live
  • which also leads to, do i stay or do i go?

I have lived in the 904 for just over a year and i really like it here. just recently found a church i am excited about, and i enjoy being independent. i like lists, the keep me sane so here is a pro/con list on leaving/staying


  • not south florida
  • close to savannah, atlanta
  • [church]
  • feeling of independence
  • la nop, square 1, cruisers, zoes
  • my bible study girls [at least the ones left!]
  • student


  • no definite job
  • no definite housing situation
  • 2 bffs here moved away
  • not south florida

i think my problem is that i have no ties to anywhere, anything or anyone. is this the quarter life crisis all of us go thru when we realize that we can consciously make our own lives & not just take the next step? you know, after high school go to college, after college get a job. such the frustration.

the recent job lay off scene has been stressful, but also quite encouraging. after sending out the email below i have gotten such positive encouragement from friends & even strangers that have seen my letter as a result of someone passing it on to their someones.

said email reads,

"Dear Friends & Family,

For the past 12 months I have been working for Stein Mart as an assistant buyer. During my time there I learned many valuable lessons in negotiating, hard work and organization. I was faced with the daily stress that arises in any sales driven business and struggle of being in retail during these tough economic times. I worked with many different personalities and have learned how to adapt in new and challenging times.

Unfortunately the economy has not been strong enough for Stein Mart to keep its work force as deep and well-staffed as they would like. In January of this year I survived their first expense cut and when our stocks grew these past 5 months, I was encouraged about my future in the company. However, this past week they were forced to cut their work force once again and my position was eliminated.

I have always been a strong believer that it is never just what you have learned from books and going to class that makes a successful individual; but a combination of intellect, sense and experience that makes someone an ideal candidate for any position, regardless of industry. Through my 23 years of life I have been involved with many walks of life, experienced many cultures and been put in many challenging times. I have had the great priviledge of growing many amazing relationships [with people like yourselves] by being a loyal, honest and caring friend.

Like many of my peers I am still looking for that one job that I can really throw myself into. I have always had a passion for working with people and helping them solve their issues. From working at Williams-Sonoma for 6 Christmas seasons and helping dad's pick the $100 waffle maker for their wives over the $25 cookbook to teaching 6th grade girls at Kanakuk how to serve a volleyball over the net; my passion has been applicable to many areas of life. I know this can cross over into the business world into many different industries.

I would so greatly appreciate any help that you would have in any potential job leads. I know the Lord works in His own mighty way - sometimes ironic, as my severence package is also the exact length of the remainder of my apartment lease! I have attached my resume for you to see & to forward to anyone who may be interested.

Thank you all for your support & prayers,"

so we'll see where i go, if you need someone like me in your career path - holla.


thick hair

Thursday, January 29, 2009

17 day countdown

In just 17 days I will be running in the Donna Deegan 1/2 Marathon/Full Marathon for Breast Cancer.

One of my new friends here asked me to train with her back in October, and reluctantly I said yes.

But since signing up for a membership at the Y.M.C.A the training has been a lot of fun & I have actually made a lot of progress.

Agreeing to do the run was hard because :
1. I have never run long distances
2. I did not think people would believe I was doing it [because of #1]
Agreeing to do the run was NOT hard because:
1. It is for a great cause, we all know someone affected by Breast Cancer.
2. Training for a 13.1 mile run will get you in S-H-A-P-E

So I did not tell anyone until I reached the 5 mile marker back in November. December saw great strides. [if you are my friend on the book, every Monday marked a new mile, all the way up to 11]

and then, AND THEN... Christmas & NYE happened. Slump.

But last night I was encouraged that I had re-met the 8 mile mark.

Now the part I have been looking forward to, the shoes & the outfit. [obviously]

I have been mixing up my training in my summer of 2005 Nike Shox [which apparently are the worst shoes to run in?!] & my clearance rack New Balance [that my dad has the same pair of, which I am fine with]

Only problem with these lookers is that they do not keep my foot stabile. I think they are a size wider than normal [probably should have noticed that on the clearance rack]

So the quest begins for new shuz [let's get some shuz].

I have heard these Mizuno ones are good, any takers? It is hard to me to separate fashion vs. function, I have always loved getting new athletic shoes.. weird I know. But ask my mother.

and I really like the looks of these, but I do not know if maybe I have a New Balance curse..

lunch break is over :(

thick hair


Domino Magazine is going out of publication.

Sad day.

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Friday, January 9, 2009

fashionable, fabulous && fit!

Check out this great Shopping List, courtesy of Hungry Girl [subscribe to their daily email!] for great, healthy eats.. before you know won't notice the difference between full o' fat & half da' fat products. [think positively]

thick hair

Friday, January 2, 2009

peacocks & world bazaar

just got done working on some trending research!

for april-july expect lots of use of the following colors:

base colors:

chocolate brown
sage green
fashion colors:
heartbreak red
peacock teal
accent colors:
mediterranean yellow [think golden rather than buttery]
royal purple

one of my favorite trends currently is the use of the peacock feather.. i've seen it everywhere. I love designs based on nature & think it gives the ultimate designer a bit of a shout out.

little short, but tights are not going anywhere.


calling all crafty girls.. DIY project.

*when using feathers to craft, first glue feathers onto a piece of thin felt & then to whatever you are adding to. cheap craft clips are great ways to add feathers to anything.

love these!
so thank you feathered friends for being an inspiration
thick hair
ps 2009!!!