Monday, December 29, 2008

here little fishy..

I am excited to announce that tomorrow, yes tomorrow!, I am going sailfish fishing (sailfishing?). perhaps I will catch the real thing to hang in my room (see stuffed sailfish below).

Got some fun things today in the after Christmas sales.. including:

to match my NYE dress!

in 4 colors.. 1.50, why not?

Dillards' shoe department always has great sales & their private labels::
Antonio Melani
Michelle D
Alex Marie
Gianni Bini
are all great quality products.

my favorite perfume was 75% off, yes SEVENTY FIVE percent.

also picked up some brown faux-leather (yeah PETA) riding boots, a black highwaisted Kenzie jumper, a cashmere sweater from TARGET!!, new shades (9.99 aka the clumsy girl's dream) and some great classic DVDs including:
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - the original SJP!
Breakfast at Tiffanys
Gossip Girl Season 1
Mama Mia
We Were Soliders

I did very good, I know!

One of the upsides of the retail sales being on the downsides is that employees are valuing their jobs & therefore customer service is on the rise! Sales people KNOW their employers can give their jobs to any of the many people needing jobs so are not taking them for granted. I was a pleasantly surprised shopper at quite a few stores today.

Y, (in honor of spending green & getting value!!!)
thick hair

Sunday, December 28, 2008

9 rhymes with..

drink a lot of wine?
be completely divine?
buy a house that is mine?
go camping among trees of pine?

any of thsoe could be good for 2009, right?

the holidays, rather CHRISTMAS, was great.

went to my junior high/high school's church for Christmas eve service instead of walking the 100yards to my lifetime church. it was okay, got to see all of Alex's family [minus Alex] & meet baby Noey, presh.

Christmas day was 80 degrees, had the usual suspects over & played some fun games. two of which were:

1. everyone write down something nice about everyone else, anonymously.
2. everyone write down someone's name who is either: famous, a well known person among the group playing.. then you randomly pick a name and without looking [most important part] stick it to your forehead. you then have to ask yes/no questions until you can guess who it is. I gave Dad the name Baby Jesus, and had to guess Tim Tebow & Warren Buffet myself. TT was easy, but I still have no clue who Warren Buffet is.

I am so excited to go back to Duuuuu-vahhhl for NYE & for 2009, I think the Lord has some exciting things in store.

10 miles strong!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord!

Promising to write more [New Year's resolution????]

thick hair