Tuesday, February 14, 2012


life since December 11, 2011:

- Christmas in fort lauderdale was wonderful, so thankful to be close to home!
- dad is officially on the kidney transplant list. such a PRAISE! the prayer is now for him to stay healthy & a match to come up!
- spent NYE in jacksonville, my 3rd favorite city in florida (ftl, tally top 2) with great friends
- Granny came over again for 3 weeks!! She is the best. My hero!
- traveled to NYC for a week to see the new Spring/Summer collection! IT.IS.AMAZING.
- bought another car.. because my first one was faulty.. take it from me: BUY CERTIFIED.

still loving my job, my jon, living in fort lauderdale & being close to my friends and family!

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Sara Grace said...

love seeing your instagram photos! and love your "bitches" haha, too funny!