Saturday, December 10, 2011

firm party.

Tonight was boyfriend's firm's Christmas party and I was faced with a major fashion dilemma, no but really...

A. What kind of dress? Casual, date night, cocktail, dressy
B. Buy new or use an old faithful
C. Risk being 'that girl' by sticking out or blend in and be boringggg!

Obviously I've re-befriended the partner's daughter who I grew up with and learned it was a dressy affair (aka yey for stepford wife in training) and went with below:

In true thick hair fashion, I scored this Alice + Olivia inspired frock for a mere $50 from a rando boutique in Miami, original price: $270! Crowd pleaser & more importantly, associate-boyfriend pleaser.

Ps the partners loved me.

Last night we dressed up as the grinchies :)

Merry Christmas loves!

thick hair


Sara Grace said...

freaking obsessed with the Alice + Olivia dress. love the scalloped edges!

Carmen A. Lindsay said...

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