Friday, August 5, 2011

my new fluffy friend?

how cute is her sweet face? her name is Taylor (not my ideal dog name, I have friends with that name!!)

this must be her sassy (why you waking me up & not rubbing my belly) face. (ie, we are soulmates)

& this must be her social butterfly face..

Here is what her fosters parents say,
"Taylor is an adorable 1-2 year old, petite, golden mix, weighing 40 lbs. She was recently rescued from a shelter and has successfully undergone heartworm treatment. It was necessary to shave her due the severe matting to her coat. Taylor appears to have been mistreated and or neglected. Her initial adjustment was difficult and Taylor was frightened, defensive and unsure that she could trust. She is now safe in a foster home with 2 other dogs and a cat and is transitioning beautifully. Her fear is melting away and she continues to make tremendous progress. Taylor is now smiling and has become quiet the cuddlier. She is learning basic commands, walks nicely on a leash, is housetrained and adores riding in the car. Taylor is a special dog who will continue to need reassurance as she continues to learn to socialize with people and other animals. She is good with older children and does fine with other dogs as long as they do not intrude on her personal space. This dog is currently in one of our wonderful Foster Homes for evaluation and lots of love."

I think Taylor would do wonderful at my parent's house for a time & then continue on the journey of life with me! As long as Gracie does not intrude her "personal space" too much... uhh, that might be an issue!

happy friday Y'ALL!