Thursday, August 4, 2011

florida on my mind!

this past month has been a blur of a trip home to see my Granny, getting to see fabulous friends in Atlanta, celebrating a wedding in South Carolina and exploring southern California. we are trying to pack much exploring in because.. we are moving back to Florida! I have mixed feelings about the move & in true lawyer's-girlfriend-style, I will Pro/Con it for you all (all 3 readers, hi mom & dad!)

Being close to family!
Being close to friends!
Not missing things like birthday parties, bachelorette parties (hi Mel!), spontaneous trips & fun events
Seeing my doggies
FSU football season
Starting a career that I hope will last longer than 12 months (which is my current longeset run at a job, but I have good reasons why, right HLS?)
Not getting looked at weird when I say "y'all"
Maybe getting my own puppy

I LOVE working in the Fashion District. I am inspired daily & love being in a creative environment
I LOVE the designers I work with. They are the best.
My boss values me and compliments me
This freak (our term of endearment) of a friend I have named Caitlin (& her fluffy haired roommate Tiffany)
The amazing weather
Going on hikes in cool places like Malibu, Laguna Beach, Runyon Canyon (I say those as I flip my hair like a true LA girl)
Being in a city where you can do anything, see anything, shop anywhere and see celebrities

It is a tough decision, but in the long run it is best. I am encouraged by a positive response to a few jobs I have applied for and am excited about what is next.

Plus, to move back we are going the best road trip ever.

Day 1: LA - Utah (Jon asked if we could find some polygamists to stay with, weirdo)
Day 2: Utah - ASPEN!! (my favorite Aunt & Uncle & cousins live there, they are hilarious & super fun)
Day 3: ASPEN!! (we hope to go white-water rafting & to the rodeo y'all)
Day 4: Aspen to Iowa (Aspen loses the CAPS because I will be sad to leave)
Day 5: Iowa to CHICAGO!! (one of my sorority sisters is getting married & I know it is going to be fabulous x10)
Day 6: Either:: Chicago to Las Vegas (for my grand finale working a trade show for my current job)
           or        Chicago to Louisville (to say with TJ & Stu)
Day 7: Either:: Vegas
           or Louisville to Jacksonville
Day 8: Either:: Vegas
           or Jacksonville to Florida (directly to turn in my pretty car because the lease is up)

Phew, that's a lot of itinerary.

I will leave you with some true Florida pieces I think I need to welcome me home.
Forever 21 Flamingo Pendant, $4.80
California pillow, to remember our year!, Uncommon Goods, $149

Borderline obnoxious (ie Fabulous) Lilly Dress, Saks $298
See you soon east coast.



Emily Elizabeth said...

Ok, tho dogs are reason enough to move period! And you'll lurv the rodeo, its on of my fav things ever! Oh and I have 2 state pillows and thought I wanted one for every state I've lived in...but that came out to, AR, TN, Fl, AL, CO, and TX...alot of freakin pillows....SO happy for YA'LL!

Filter said...


I cannot wait to have you home, FLORIDA girl <3 I have a lead on a Bridal Consultant position @ Vocelle's in Tallahassee, FL...(wonderful neighbors too, COLE COUTURE!) Lunch dates @ FGF, chez, MASA, crepevine, Tomato Land!!! Bible study, work outs @ sweat therapy... j'adore! Midtown has flourished these past few years. Perfect place to call home + only 2.5hrs to JAX, 5hrs to ATL, 4 hrs to TAMPA & of course home of the >>--FSU SEMINOLES--;;->

Think about it homie, I'll pray about it :) Wishing you safe travels & happy memories on your road trip! +++ Hoping to see you soon, vey soon!