Wednesday, June 8, 2011

woof wednesday

a year ago today, my 2nd family, the Thomas family, lost their puppy. I remember the day they found Georgia at the park! their mom called my mom and said they found a dog, she was in the garage, and should they leave a light on for her over the night :) I was a little scared of Georgia at first, she was a sassy girl. but once we bonded over apples, cheese & butt-scratches, she became one of my favorite doggies.
one of Georgie's model shots!

Since Georgia was a true rescue, I knew I had to dedicate today's woof to her!

                                         Leesha, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
 "Meet sweet little Leesha! She was abandoned and found in the night box at the Wildlife Care Center. A Good Sam must have found her wandering and didn't know what else to do with her, so she put her in the Night Drop at the Wildlife Care Center. She is safe now and in one of our foster homes. She's about 8 months old, Looks to be a Jack Russell Terrier mix, and her rescuer said she is sooooo sweet!! As it turns out, her injured rear leg is an old injury. The good news is that she is not in any pain and she is using that leg for balance. She will walk with a bit of a limp - but that just makes her more charming. Real sweet little girl. Adoption fee $300. If you are interested in adopting, please EMAIL us for an application."

 Sandy, Weston, Florida "Sandy is a very sweet girl, about 58 Lbs and approximately 4.5 to 5 years old. . She is quiet, well-behaved in the house (it seems she was kept crated or in a run because she doesn't know to get on furniture - yea! Sandy is a dream on the lead, never pulling. She likes all ages of people. She is OK around larger dogs - and cats don't appear to hold much interest for her. She wants to be with her person(s) all the time, but is fine left for a half day uncrated. She has some allergies so eats no grain food. Sandy might be best with a couple or a family with tweens or teens. She's active and plays but doesn't quite know what the toys are for. Sandy has the most beautiful face and eyes and would adore a new family of her own. Come meet Sandy at Terri's in Weston."

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