Tuesday, June 14, 2011

summer salad obsession

a few weeks ago we went to San Francisco to visit Jon's sister & her family. her husband is italian and taught me how to make a few things.. crepes, molten lava cake and a delicious salad dressing! I love balsamic vinagrette and this is very similar. I created this salad after having a similar one a few times from the cafe under my office building. it was delicious, Jon loved it too!

- spinach mix
- turkey breast from the deli. (ask the your deli man to cut it extra thick, like a carved turker would be!)
- strawberries
- tomatoes (optional)
- goat cheese
- pecans (if you have them on hand!)

ingredients for dressing:
- balsamic
- olive oil
- honey
- dijon mustard

- mix all your dry ingredients. I shred the turkey, and break up the goat cheese into the smallest crumbles. (Goat cheese is a very soft cheese, kind of like cream cheese/blue cheese texture, and it has a strong taste; if you get a big bite of it, it's a little intense!)

to make dressing:
up-close deliciousness
- start with olive oil & balsamic, get the mixture to your tasting
- add the honey & dijon, whisk up! (you can use a fork for this, the fork you will eat dinner with!)
- add enough til you get the consistency/taste that you like the most. it's not really possible to mess this up, but I would recommend starting with a small amount, so that you don't have 1 cup of salad dressing and only need 1/4 a cup for dinner.


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Emily Elizabeth said...

try making lil cakes of the goat cheese (think crab cake shape) and rolling them in almond shavings and throw them in the broiler for a bit...makes it that much better...I do the same type of salad with chicken