Friday, June 10, 2011

friday, friday gotta get down on friday

that's all the Rebecca Black I will ever quote, promise.

YEY it is Friday! I am really excited that we are staying in town (& also kinda happy we are guest-free, sorry friends.)

This weekend we are using the Christmas present I got for Jon on LivingSocial. A 10 hour fishing trip (for 65% off!) from Newport Beach.

This is what I am hoping for:
This is what I am dreading:

Yes, that I googled "Deadliest Catch" for this image..

So fishing trip is #1 great thing about Friday, here are some others..

2. Dispatch concert Sunday night!

3. I was asked to be a bridesmaid by one of my best friends, by way of super cute cookies!
4. The ridiculous amounts of pictures my dad has been emailing me of our cone-headed doggies that both had to have the same ear surgery last week.

Cone-headed gracie (see the cone?)

5. My friends convinced me to sign up for the Savannah Rock n Roll Half Marathon. Not sure if this goes under the happy or crappy list.. but I am trying to positive here.

6. This nailpolish, I am in love.

& to round out the postings, some cute pictures from Pinterest!

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