Friday, April 22, 2011


just had this converstaion with one of my bffs...

me: i think i want to become a comedian
me: u can be my sidekick.. kinda like chuey, but longer
me: ill call you stringy
me: but you have to wear kangol hats
Whitney: HAHA

she clearly agrees with my comedic skillz

other things making me happy:
1. donut friday

If you did not know this, California has the BEST beaches, bars, movie stars, DONUTS.

2. I won 3/6 games in tennis last night!!!! (vs a BOY)
3. Easter weekend always makes me happy & feel blessed.
4. Started watching King's Speech last night.. so far, SO GOOD!
5. my sister just submitted her answers for creative cultures, turns out I AM the normal one.
6. I did 2 really good things at work today.

5 things that are downers.
1. sore phroaty
2. my car is SOOOO dirty.
3. could not go to vegas this weekend to see my BFF because I am the poorest 25 year old that ever was.
4. confused about life
5. needing a hair cut real bad, last time I tried to cut it myself, I turned out like a 4 year olds ugly barbie.

sorry so short, but my lunch is ready for pick up!


Emily Elizabeth said...

Woah!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry...but I believe I am the poorest 25 year old that ever was! I totally trapped that title when I started driving a MINI-VAN! Poor-girl hugs from TX to CA! Chin-up!

Heather said...

you foooool!