Friday, April 29, 2011

friday things

1. weekend weather outlook = amazing
2. princess catherine, duchess of cambridge = amazing
    2b. I have about 12 hours of coverage tivo'd & ready to go
3. this time next week I will be en route home to FLORIDA
4. my dear sweet friend Berit is safe in tuscaloosa. & she is determined to help her neighbors, those she knows & those she does not.
5. the mayor of tuscaloosa gave a very encouraging speech in wake of the tornados, it does make me pray for more leaders like him in our country/WORLD.
see it here:

6. CP7 went #12 in the NFL draft!! I got to hang out with him a few times in college - including on his official visit, he twirled my roommate, Grace, and I on the dancefloor at Stetsons, we are pretty much the reason he was ever a Seminole. ;) He is a very smart, honorable, hard working, faithful guy & it makes me so happy to see him succeed!

in lieu of 5 disgracing qualities about this week, how about some fun pictures from Pinterest instead..

& finally... CORONA POPSICLES... YES.

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