Friday, April 8, 2011

friday things

top things for the weekend
1. no cavaties! woo!
2. katie sent me a text this AM letting me in on a little sale.. 25% off at kate spade through April 9th, 11:59pm ET!


(sold out, every size, boo)

3. it is a beautiful sunshiney day
4. I have started my countdowns for the following:
2 days til rose bowl flea market adventure, 7 days til vegas, 14 days til vegas part 2, 28 days til florida & courts wedding, 85 days til I see granny daniels, 90 days til besties in atlanta &&& 92 days til grace's wedding.
5. my arms are sore from workingggg outtttt. (hurting = muscles building!)
6. loving my new nail polish:
7. one of my favorites girls ever, has asked me to help her find a dress for her rehersal dinner. I LOVE bridal styling. I would love to style a whole wedding party.. from flower girls to grandmas & grandpas.
8. it's cheeseburger friday! (on friday's at work we order something yummy for food.. I try to make it a point to bring a healthy lunch Monday-Thursday, so today is splurge day.)

5 downers.
1. the dentist said I need some lazer cleaning on my gum, at $519, I think I will wait.
2. it is supposed to rain tomorrow, rude.
3. wedding season, although i LOVE IT. is expensive.
4. I am missing their wedding shower this weekend :(
5. my car is really dirty...

Life must be good if those are my complaints!

& a pic for the weekend...
Jon wants one of these.. a pygmie hippo... oi vey.

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