Thursday, April 14, 2011

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I first met Tina when she came to Westminster in 9th grade. We had Dr.Reeves' English class together (& I am sure many others, but that class was pretty memorable!). I do not think I have seen Tina since high school, but have re-connected with her through her amazing foodie blog! (I think that is the best part about blogs, keeping in touch with people you might have had a chance to). Tina is sweet as sugar, beautiful and encourages her followers to have fun, be willing to mess up & to try new recipes!

Meet: Tina.

1. A/S/L with a twist:
A. Stage of life: Married (Just celebrated our 3 year Anniversary this month!)
S. Details about you: Working in Customer Service by day and cooking by night
L. Where you are based: Jupiter Florida Where you want your work to go: I would love to figure out a way to make food blogging my full time career! (working on it!)

2. Favorite meal: That is WAY too tough of a question for a food blogger hah - I like variety so it changes A LOT: Anything with garlic and cayenne (i put it in EVERYTHING!!!). Mexican-style food is the favorite in our household - we love a little spice and some homemade tortillas!

3. Favorite beverage: I pretty much just drink water or tea, but as for my favorite cocktail (Again, this changes a LOT) but right now I'm partial to the Blood Orange Margarita! :) 
Grilled Pizza
4. What is your first memory of being creative? I have always LOVED being in the kitchen even as a small child. I remember going to the bookstore with my mom or grandma and heading straight for the kids cookbooks! haha Most kids want coloring books or cool story books - nope, not me. Give me the cookbooks!

5. What or who inspires you? Other food bloggers who started out just like me - Someone from a small town just writing and photographing what they are passionate about (Food!). I have a Favorites Page on my website listing some of the fabulous ladies that inspire me! :) They give me hope that one day (hopefully soon) I can make it happen!

6. Favorite quote that inspires your work: Julia Childs has some hysterical cooking quotes ("If you're afraid of butter, use cream.") haha but one that I find inspirational is, "This is my invariable advice to people: Learn how to cook- try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun!" — Julia Child (My Life in France)
Vanilla Cupcakes with Swiss Meringue Buttercream
7. Favorite thing about your work: It's relaxing. I come home after a long day of work, and go straight to my kitchen and start creating whatever comes to mind. It helps me unwind (as strange as that sounds)!

8. Challenges about your work: The big ol' mess I leave in my kitchen! haha Thankfully my husband is a HUGE help and cleans up behind me as I'm cooking!

9. Your dream piece of art/food to create: I just tackled gnocchi recently which was one my "cooking bucket list", and now I'm determined to figure out how to make authentic Pad Thai (i tried once and failed miserably!).
Homemade Gnocchi
10. Favorite article of clothing/accessory/shoes: I love wearing cotton dresses or skirts/tops with cute sandals (comfortable is key!). Oh and I love me some Forever 21 Costume Jewelry (their stuff rocks!).

11. Where can we see more of you? &

12. Can we buy you? Sure! haha

13. What are your hopes & dreams for your work? To pick up some sponsors or become a contributor to other food/recipe websites. I would LOVE to make this my full-time job (not just something I get a little cash here and there for!)!

Caribbean BBQ Chicken Cups
14. Anything else we should know? You can find my About Me page here!

Baba Ganoush
If you would love to be featured as a Creative Culture or would like to nominate someone, just comment on this post & I will be in touch!


Jackie said...

Hi! I'm a good friend of Tina's and saw your based in LA - I went to Westminster, too. Small crazy world!

Kristina (Tina) said...

Thanks for the plug Adrienne! So sweet of you! :)

adrienne jane said...

nice to meet you jackie! what industry are you in out here? very small world!

of course tina! your recipes are so inspiring to me :)