Thursday, April 28, 2011

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When I started my freshman year at Florida State, I was very fortunate to be welcomed by not 1, but 6-7 older sisters and a few older brothers. In my sister's first years in Tallahassee, she made great friends who all had similar backgrounds (ie, Christian school kids from south Florida), but it's not as homeschooled-weirdo as it sounds, promise! In my freshman year, there were at least 4 younger sisters that were joining their older siblings in the 850. These kids were just like what I hoped I would find at college. Fun, outgoing, Christian peers, who knew happy hour was not the worst thing in the world, who were friends with every kind of person, who were involved in our church & who were equally excited about being a Seminole as I was! Ashley became known to my parents as, "Pretty Ashley", still to this day, that is what they refer to her as.

some of the "sisters"
camping trip 2005 to Clemson, SC
I got to spend many a tailgate, Chris McCarty Band concert, TCO retreat & improv photoshoots with Ashley before she graduated. She later married one of the guys who was part of the big brothers/sisters clan, & they currently live in Tallahassee (jealous). I got to see Ashley a few weeks ago when she was in Los Angeles for work (she works for FSU, jealous again.) We went to dinner & spent quite a while catching up, a mostly me being inspired by her, but she laughed at a few of my experiences thus far.

Meet: Ashley

Ashley, Tony & Buster
1. A/S/L with a twist:

A. Stage of life, year in school, major:
Married, no kids and a proud mother of a very curious dog.

S. Details about you:
full time fundraiser for the Arts at FSU. I design and help people renovate on the side.

L. Where you are based, where you are going, where you want your work to go:
Tallahassee for now, but I'm up for anything.
2. Favorite meal:
ahi tuna with avocado and ice cream pretty much anytime of the day

3. Favorite beverage:
a big glass of cabernet

4. What is your first memory of being creative?
As a child, I changed the layout of my room quite a bit. I also made killer gingerbread houses during Christmas.

5. What or who inspires you?
The blog-o-sphere {too many to mention}, walking our dog and while scrutinizing local architecture, and above all, traveling.

6. Favorite quote that inspires your artwork:
“Do what you love and the money will follow”. I think there’s a book with that title but it really resonates in my head.

7. Favorite thing about your artwork:
helping others make sense of difficult spaces.

8. Challenges about your artwork:
staying focused and giving myself enough time to work on the side

9. Your dream piece of art to create:
renovate a barn into a restaurant or event space

10. Favorite article of clothing/accessory/shoes:
If favorite = most worn, I’d have to say my elastic waist jeggings from Forever that I wear 4 times a week.

11. Where can we see more of you?

12. Can we buy you?
I make headboards, pillows and coffee tables. If interested, contact me:

13. What are your hopes & dreams for your work?
To work full time in the creative industry. Eventually be my own boss and create a demand for whatever I can supply!

14. Anything else we should know?
I still use Sunin- available pretty much only at Walmart. It keeps me blonde and is only $3.00. Other blonde's might like to know, but i don't recommend it for brunettes as it will turn them orange.

If you would love to be featured as a Creative Culture or would like to nominate someone, just comment on this post & I will be in touch!

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Beth said...

Oh Pretty Ash, you are so talented! I can't believe you use SunIn - too funny. I also am shocked you still wear the F21 jeggings we purchased. But so relieved, because so do I. :) xo