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creative cultures 10

I met Emily when she started 7th grade at Westminster. I think it is pretty neat that many of the first 10 creative cultures came from Westminster! I bet Mrs.Tiedje would too. Emily & I had lot of classes together over the years there, served on student council & key club together. She was also on the "camping trip from hell" in the summer of 2002. Emily was in the best art class that ever was, Art 3, our senior year. We were angel students that never listened to secular music with the volume up during class, always did what the teacher asked & loved everything we had to create. Even the 10 foot tall scenery, that we never got to act in front of. (More about that another time, perhaps). I re-connected with Emily through facebook & now our blogs, twitter, etc. She has stayed very close with my childhood BFF, Peggy, & gets to live in one of my favorites states, Texas, & work a really cool company!
She is uber talented, loves color, abstract shapes, mixed mediums & painting things that have a meaning or an inspiration behind them.

Meet Emily:
1. A/S/L with a twist:
A. Stage of life, year in school, major

I am currently working full-time and going to school full-time; in school to get my license as an adolescent therapist with a concentration on art therapeutics and working for the fabulous Dallas Cowboys Football Club.

S. Details about you
I was born in Texas and grew up in Florida. I studied art for three years at the University of Alabama-Birmingham, until I realized I was taking just as many psychology courses as art, and that they don't let you counsel teenagers and kids without a psychology license. So I changed majors (yes, as a junior, I basically started all over...not recommended) and am now a student in the Texas A+M University system. I have: awesome parents, a brother 10 years younger than me (I wish I was as cool as he is when I was his age) a very small, very tight group of amazing friends whom I have all known for at least 12 years or longer, a cat named Silly who has a serious superiority complex, and a dog, Doc, who has separation anxiety and must be with me at all times, to the point he even sits in my lap while I paint.

L. Where you are based, where you are going, where you want your work to go
Dallas! I want to travel (of course) but could seriously live the rest of my life in this great city...I want my art to go wherever it will be enjoyed.

2. Favorite meal:
Supreme salad with homemade Italian dressing from the U.S. Pizza Co. in Little Rock, AR; my Granddaddy used to take me there all the time. Desert would have to be tiramisu from Bruno's, here in Valley Ranch, TX.

3. Favorite beverage:
Morning: Venti skinny hazelnut latte'. Lunch: Diet Dr. Pepper. Dinner: vodka/cranberry with three lime wedges.

4. What is your first memory of being creative?
I took my first painting lesson was when I was 5. But the early experience I remember most vividly is the drawing class that I took when I was 7. We were only allowed to use 5 colored markers and a permanent Sharpie...there were no mistakes in art! My teacher taught us that if you 'mess up' you just make something new and that lesson stuck with me. I often hate a piece at the very beginning, because it is not a mirror image of what I had imagined in my head. I will hang it up and live with it for awhile, giving it what I call 'face-lifts', or working on it little by little, until it has taken on a life of its own. This OCD process comes directly from that class I had when I was 7.

5. What or who inspires you?
My little brother. He's 14 and still has so much joy in him. He still thinks first kisses are all going to be magical, all dreams will come true, that everyone grows up to be rich and famous, that people are just plain 'ol good inside. He still has his child-like faith in Christ. I have lost some of that through the years and it's saddening. Creating art brings all of those hopes and feelings back for me. Art is therapeutic and joyous for me.

6. Favorite quote that inspires your artwork:
"Painting is just another way of keeping a diary." Pablo Picasso

7. Favorite thing about your artwork:
It's messy. There are no rules, no staying inside the lines, and no mistakes.

8. Challenges about your artwork:
I am very impatient, in many areas of my personality but most apparently in my art. I have about three pieces going at once, because I cannot stand to wait for paint to dry. I paint in layers, so waiting for those layers to dry is crucial for getting what I want out of paint.There are millions of products made to make paint dry slower, to help with blending, but not one product has been invented to make it dry faster! I have considered using the aerosol Instant Dry spray for nail polish, but am too afraid it will wreck color quality.

9. Your dream piece of art to create:
One word: MASSIVE! Pollock used to cover his studio floor in huge canvases and Monet's Reflections of Clouds on the Water-Lily Pond covers an entire gallery at the MoMA . To be able to have that confidence and freedom in my work would be amazing! And not to mention that being able to devote that much time and resources to a painting would be a dream come true!

"Here Comes the Sun II"

10. Favorite article of clothing/accessory/shoes
My Miss Me jeans ( my David Yurman ring/ my cowboy boots (all 3 pairs)...a total Texas cliche'.

11. Where can we see more of you?
My blog, Emily Elizabeth Gallery at has everything I do, big or small. Or my Etsy:

Emily & her cute little brother
(who was maybe 8 the last time I saw him?!) at the stadium
12. Can we buy you?
You can't buy ME, but you CAN buy my work! There are contact and buying information pages on my blog and I also do custom pieces on commission. "Starving Artist" is not just a cute bumper sticker slogan! My art is for sale on my Etsy..

13. What are your hopes & dreams for your work?
That I never grow up too much to stop playing with paint!

14. Anything else we should know?
Yes, I work for the Dallas Cowboys. Yes, I meet players. No, I cannot get anyone season tickets or autographs.

If you would love to be featured as a Creative Culture or would like to nominate someone, just comment on this post & I will be in touch!

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