Tuesday, April 12, 2011

california bucket list : rose bowl flea market

One of the things I told myself I had to do while living in California, was become a flea market shopper. I have always loved bargains & when I lived in NYC I became a pro at bargaining. This past weekend, I went to the famous Rose Bowl Flea Market, featured many times by Emily of Cupcakes & Cashmere (if you havent read this blog, do it, quick.) She goes alot. Unfortunately, I did not see her there. (I knew I wouldnt because she was on vacation.. blog stalk much?)

Anywho, pictures are better than words so enjoy my sites. I missed getting a picture of our hot dog lunch & the late afternoon kettle korn binge..

Things I saw..
Buck chair, complete with buck arms & legs.

 Cool handmade tables, that reminded me of Ashley

I could not think of any T couples, until I left & remembered a bunch. Like them: the Thompsons

Milk Green Jadeite cake stands, juicers & bowl sets, future want!

Big vintage posters on canvas. Everything from Mercedes Benz to Camel Cigarettes to Chanel.
Future want, again.

Hundreds of vintage/old Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dooney, no name amazing, etc. bags.
Definitely a few fakes mixed in, but overall, ridiculous.

Do Ashlee & Tina Simpson qualify as "things I saw"?
Ashlee is in the lace skirt & Tina in the jeans & black top

Things I bought:
Lapis ring, I am really into Lapis at the moment!

Neon Beverly Hills shirt, could not pass it up

Vintage dress/tunic

sleeve detail - ps the flowers are definitely white & not creepy old yellow

Vintage, authenitc, cross body LV bag.
Strap might not be authentic, but the bag is.

Not bad for a lovely little Sunday (& $65)

Do you flea market? What have been your favorite finds? Or are you the type that can't bring yourself to use what others have? I think that is part of the fun! I wonder what awesome concerts someone wore the LV bag to, or where they got it.. 

I will be back & next time, I will wear sunscreen!


Emily Elizabeth said...

I CANNOT bargain! There's a huge one out in Texas paririe land but I'm chicken to go myself because I always over-pay for EVERYTHING!And I love Cupcakes & Cashmere as well, so no fear on the blog-stalk alert...

Emily Elizabeth said...

P.S.-My entire milk glass collection broke in a move BTW...buy good stuff when you find it, don't wait!

Ashley Johnson said...

GORGEOUS finds!! I'd love to make it to the Rose Bowl Flea Market sometime.. Lucky girl :)


adrienne jane said...

I want a cake stand! I think they are so special. And I LOVE that green color!

Ash - if you ever plan a trip to california, plan on coming the 2nd Sunday of the month (when the flea market is!) but there are seriously good ones every weekend. I would love to flea market shop with you :)