Tuesday, March 15, 2011


this past weekend was pretty lazy, which is perfectly acceptable.

on Friday, we went to the mall for Jon to take a study break & for me to... well for me to shop!! I got sidetracked at Urban Outfitters in their hilarious book section. As always, I did not buy any of the books, but wanted most of them!

see as they do..

now do as you SEE!

& after I watched all the shows in my DVR while Jon worked on a mid-term (that he got a check + + on!, goooo Jon).

Saturday morning we drove up to Santa Barbara to retrieve his car from a family friend mechanic. I asked him to check my tire pressure, and of course a nail was found that had to be patched up. UGH. Me + car tires = bad news. So 2.5 hours later (geeh, thanks Sears for saying it'd be done under an hour!) we got back to heading to Malibu for the most amazing peanut butter ice cream you will ever have.

To wait out our time for Sears, I took to my iPhone and found that we were just a few miles from La Super-Rica Taqueria, Julia Child's favoritest Mexican joint in the whole world. Jon & I have a little joke from the movie, Julia & Julia, where Meryl Streep says, "I'm Julia Child, he ha he he ha", so he knew this place had to be good and obliged. & IT WAS GOOD.

not very impressive from the outside (but what foodie places are?) - picture from yelp
chalkboard menu? yes please.
the spread: taco de bistec, guacamole, quesadilla de chorizo, pechuga suizas y pico de gallo
on Sunday, I got to go to the Au/Winter 2011 Show for a line I rep, The Battalion. It was my first fashion show & it was such a cool experience.
model eye's view
Essex Faux-Fur vest is one of my favorites
finale, bravo!

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