Monday, March 7, 2011


My weekend started off with a bang, or rather a tap tap.

We made eye contact & I knew it. He got me. 2 feet from my parking lot. He rode his little bike over, tap tap'd on my window and pulled me over. FROM.HIS.BICYCLE. "Hello I am officer Dominguez with LAPD, did you know it was illegal to not use handsfree sets?" "Umm, no? I am from Florida, just moved here in the fall" (August is fall, right?). "License, registration & proof of insurance please... are you going to become a resident here in California?" "well, umm, I don't know, officer" (insert, wishing & praying that the ticket gods will be on my side, because after all I STOPPED FOR A BICYCLE OFFICER. I totally could have acted oblivious and driven away). after all, I WAS USING SPEAKERPHONE!! & just had my phone in my hand. "Consider this a warning" "oh hehe, okay, gee thanks officer, thanks so much, I won't do it again!!!"

after I avoided another financial set back, I was off to Santa Monica, aka the most beautiful shopping area on earth.

first stop: Joe's Jeans. Now, I do not love designer denim, after being discouraged years and years at their short inseams, I am kind of over them. but Jon loves Joe's Jeans. & when a boy finds something he likes in clothing, there is little to stop them from buying. so while he tried on the same style in 5 color ways, I admired the decor:

Ceiling - all neon lighting, glowing down

LED lit dressing room curtains? Yes, please.
Next stop: Lush Cosmetics. I.LOVE.LUSH! I picked these 2 up (plus samples of a few others):

Buffy Body Butter

So far, I love it. Negates the need for lotion after the shower. That is, of course, unless you are being a good thickhairer and using hemp self bronzing still.
American Cream Conditioner
To be honest, I have not washed my hair since buying this (shhhut it.) But if you would like reviews, I am using tonight after Bikram Yoga.

Final stop, Ye Old King's Head, where Jon had his first authentic Sausage Roll & English Fish & Chips. It was delicious. Just like Burtons or out of the newspaper. Jolly ol' England.
oh and of course we stopped at the Ye Old King's Head shoppe & picked up one of my favorites:

Saturday was beautiful weather! Light tennis match, stroll around the park, pool side - accompanied by my favorite:

followed by church & dinner at fancy mexican place.

Soccer Sunday & made dinner for Jon's parents.

Great weekend!

Get excited for tomorrow's post because tonight I am going back to Bikram. 114 degrees, and I do not like to sweat.

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Heather said...

this was a fun one. Daniels dont like sweating!