Tuesday, March 22, 2011

weekender : birthday edition!

to commemorate my becoming an old woman, Jon took me to San Diego for half the weekend.

First stop: George's At The Cove

Terrace overlooking the La Jolla Cove
If you go to San Diego, this place is a must! The sunset view is amazing, of course we caught the tail end of that and enjoyed it at the bar..
Blood Orange Margarita & Arrogant Bastard Ale
 From our seats at the bar I realized we were a few bar-stools over from.......

Roberto & Ali
Still together, etc.. I might, MIGHT have told the bachelorette party next to us at our eventual table that they were there & advised the bachelorette to get a picture. MIGHT have.

Asian Marinated Skirt Steak, my choice

Nothing says Birthday, like Birthday steak (& onion rings)

Grilled Niman Ranch Beef Burger, his choice
Folks were kind enough to make Jon the lunch menu burger that we saw a picture of when picking our dinner spot. His choice > my choice. & They sent us away with a free bottle of gourmet extra virgin olive oil as my birthday present!

The next morning, I took Jon to the San Diego spot that Lindsay took me to that I thought was so fun.. La Jolla Cove.. to check these guys out:
Seals galore!
This is another can't miss spot in San Diego, the Seals are there 365 days a year, just chilling. We saw a mamma teaching a pup how to swim, an old guy dreaming, a few playing.. and most of them snoozing! & the view is gorgeous. After the Cove, we met Lindsay & her husband, David for brunch at Beaumont's Eatery; another place definitely worth going to! Unfortunately allow & perhaps suspect that you might have to remind your waitress a few times of what you ordered/how to split a check/wait 20 minutese for water... But the food is worth it & they have a great patio.

The grand encore for the weekend was the San Diego Zoo! I was so excited. I took some friends with me, to see their friends:
H&M Beatle, Old Navy Sea Horse
We first took the free bus tour, do not make mistake we did, sit on the left side of the bus for the best views! Of course the first animal I see off the bus is my dad's current dream animal.. a miniature donkey.

 I have always loved Flamingos. You can take the girl out of Florida, but you cannot take the Florida out of the girl (?)

 Obviously I was obsessed with the Leopard & Golden Retriever BFF combination. There are 7 sets of best friends. How cool is that?
 I read yesterday (& unfortunately saw the video) of Knut, the famous Polar Bear, dying. This guy was certainly not dead & was pretty entertaining pressing himself up against the cold windows...
 The San Diego Zoo is wonderful. Great zoo with lots to see, learn, do, walk & ride! We skipped the Sky-fari ski-lift-esque tour.

Sunday was miserable weather all day long. I made Egg's in a Basket for the first time & got rave reviews (from my one & only food critic).

Bread - 1 piece per basket
    *cut (or bite.....oops) a hole in the center
    *butter both sides of your now bread donut
Egg - 1 per basket
Cheese - Optional & only a pinch

1. Heat your fry pan up, place 1 piece of bread, let brown
2. Flip over, crack egg & break into hole
3. Watch........ watch....... think you are going to mess up, but watch..... finally! When the whites turn to white'ish & the yolk looks a little less gooey, flip over - quickly! just do it, like ripping off a bandaid.
4. Sprinkle a little bit of grated cheese.. let melt
5. Let sit on pan for ~2-4 minutes... your egg should have cooked mostly while it was on the other side, this is just to finish off the yolk! You can take a peak under a corner, once it looks like it is well toasted, voila!

post flip & cheese

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