Wednesday, March 23, 2011


a few days a week I debate getting starbucks. love the caffeine, but can never decide what to freaking get. I end up asking Jordie what she got that morning (she tends to get a hot skinny latte - half vanilla & half caramel) & tend to copy it! today I asked Emily (hazelnut latte, 4-5pumps of espresso, iced or hot depending on the weather), but could not find the motivation - or the dollar bills to go, or to ask the internista to go for me.

one morning in Vegas I NEEDED caffeine to survive and could not think hard enough to order something for one of our designers to get for me, so she said she'd get me what she was getting. I love it. it's heave caffeine so do not drink too often!

what are your go-to signature starbucks orders?

ask for:
triple venti white mocha
1 PUMP ONLY (unless you want to be large)
no whip, non fat milk, no foam
1 sugar (or Splenda, etc.)

yum yum yum.


Emily Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the shout-out mon amie'! I tried yours this morning and loved it, but got the stink-eye from the barista for all of my specifictaions...for $5 a cup, I can ask for whatever I want! Also got sugar-free syrup for that one pump...bikini weather is right around the corner :/

adrienne jane said...

I am so glad you tried (& enjoyed!!!).. oooh sugar free, ey? that's a good tip.