Friday, March 18, 2011

friday things

things that are making me smile
1. we are going to san diego tonight! & I get to go to the San Diego Zoo!!! I am so exchitey. (said like a kid with retainer head gear on.) & I get to see a sista & her mista & we get to eat at Beaumonts
2. I had a wonderful birthday day filled with too many birthday wishes & cupcakes (from crumbs, from Cari!), packages from Jenny & my parents & cards from ansley & jenna!
3. the seminoles play today at 1:10pm (PST)
4. my favorite blazer of all time was on sale at my Old Navy for $10.99. For some reason that price is not the same as the web price, but your store might be able to help. I bought two... another black & a military green (conveniently called "Gator Tears", & we all like a crying Gator.) it is as soft as can be & is a perfect piece for when you need a cardigan but either A. don't want to look like a granny B. don't want the constructiveness of a blazer.
Women's Jersey Blazer
& thru March 20th, you can use the 30% off coupon.. Comment on this post & I will forward it to you!
5. my dad told me on my birthday the something that became the best birthday present in a while!....

 my Granny is coming to America!!
fort lauderdale beach, circa 1988.
I have not seen Granny in over 10 years, she has had wearies of flying, but alas, at 94 she has re-conquered her fear and is making the voyage. She will be in the US for ten days - late June through early July, so plan your trips to Fort Lauderdale to meet the matriarch of the Daniels clan. She is so funny & is the only person who can really top my dad when it comes to winning a conversation.. just ask her about Snowball the guinea pig that either did or did not exist. & her name is Cherry, she is that cool.
6. I booked my flight for a trip home for 10 whole days!
7. I bought tall shuz:
Pilar Sandals, Target
things that are making me sad:
1. my birthday is 364 days away!
2. my iPhone maps infuriate me (sometimes)

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Emily Elizabeth said...

Coupon please! You know because I really nedd yet ANOTHER blazer...:)