Friday, March 4, 2011

friday things

things that are making me happy:
1. got this text from my mom..
2. it is friday!!!!! (that happy)
3. next week's creative culture will make you laugh out loud

4. trying new starbucks drinks (thank to jordie!), this AM I tried her new drink:

5. my other new favorite starbucks drink:
    triple venti white mocha espresso
    1 pump only! (not the 6 it usually comes with)
    no foam, no whip
    fat free milk
    1 splenda/equal/sugar
    SO GOOD! I promise
6. it is going to be 75 degrees tomorrow
7. getting wedding invitiations
8. finding out a new boy will be in the family.
9. looking up races to enter
10. planning our family trip!
11. phone calls with my dad about his new train, soccer games & other things that make him so happy.
12. nail strips. nail strips? yes. I first used them in NYC the other week, got them at Sephora - Chrome Lace and loved them. Mine lasted 8 days...
Sally Hansen just launched a line too, I am loving her prints & glitters. (Am I 7 years old?)

13. This new nail color (currently on my toes!):
Sexy Divide - Essie
things not making me so happy:
1. I filled out something wrong on my tax forms & now owe monies.
2. having friends with little to no financial responsibility.

3. worrying about monies.

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