Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I think I just picked what the title of my posts are going to be when they are about a recipe I made up/used/failed!

Last night I was in the mood for something with: pesto, shrimp & spinach. It was so easy and so good. Jon said it was one of the best meals I have ever cooked & that I am becoming a good cook { |:) (chef''s hat? kinda?).

Here is what you need:

threw the shrimp bag out 5 minutes too soon
- fresh spinach (we buy big boxes from Sam's club because it shrinks a lot when you sautee it)
- shrimp (I used a bag of large frozen shrimp, cooked & deveined - detailing is a good job for your kitchen assistant while he watches espn), I do not love using frozen proteins, but these shrimp were great.
- powdered pesto mix (I was hesitant about using this, but it was delicious)
           *requires 3/4 cup of water & 1/4 cup of olive oil
- garlic powder
- garlic pepper
- wheat spaghetti (or whichever you like)
- butter/margarine
- parmesan
- bread (for homemade garlic bread obviously)

1. I made the pesto sauce (in a small frying pan because our only saucepan is large) so that in case it was a failure, I could improvise. (It was delish!)
            *tip: put your water on high now for your spaghetti & if your scrimp (how I say it - holler at Cari!) are frozen, flip your saucepan over, put it on the pan upside down, and spread shrimp out - easy defrosting!)
2. After the sauce was ready & the water is boiled, add the spaghetti.
3. Sautee the shrimp (detailed by now) with olive oil, garlic powder, garlic pepper. If your scrimp are a little frozen still, the mix will get really liquidy with water, I drained the excess into the spaghetti so I did not loose any garlic goodness. Sautee until they begin turning a little golden (just from the olive oil).
4. Take a second to make the garlic bread:
            *in a small cup, combine 1-2 tablespoons of melted butter/margarine (I made 4 pieces), garlic powder, garlic pepper, whisk up and pour over your bread & spread out. But it on the oven racks directly on broil & just keep on eye on it.
4. Once the pasta is cooked, drain & return to pan. At this point I added the shrimp to the pasta as well as the pesto & parmesan so they could party together.
5. Add a little more EVOO to the shrimp pan (do not wash because you would loose the goodness!), along with lots of spinach (lots, because it shrinks down to little bits!), and a touch of garlic pepper. Sautee until it looks like you would like it. I like mine not too wilted, some people like theirs mushy.
6. Get the bread out!
7. Serve & bask in how good of a chef you are.
          *if I can do this, you totally can.


side note, we also picked this up last night at Sams:
10 calories per serving - check
fizzy - check
peach sweet tea - check
so good!

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