Thursday, March 3, 2011

creative cultures 3

I met Ashley, on bid day, she is my ADPi pledge sister, just like Cara, what a creative pledge class we must have! Ashley has such eclectic style, she's classic, trendy, earthy, polished & beach all put together so well. I love that she uses the word & the culture, "gypsy" to inspire her style. She is passionate about styling and loves that when you can help a person look good, you can make them feel good. And what is more important in life, than helping lift others up?

Here she is,

1. A/S/L with a twist:
A. Stage of life, year in school, major:
S. Details about you:
L. Where you are based, where you are going, where you want your work to go:
I'm a 23 year old Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger who's constantly looking for new things to inspire myself and others. Since graduating from Florida State University last May, I work full-time in Tallahassee, but I would still consider myself a professional dreamer more than anything else. I live for music festivals, shopping trips, and happy hours spent with friends. I one day hope to make it into the fashion industry whether it's through writing, designing, or owning my own store. I have big dreams, but my real idea of success in life is to be surrounded by the people I love.. So that's ultimately my biggest goal.

2. Favorite meal:
I'd have to say my favorite meal on earth is Steak and Frites. It's also one of the most unhealthy things I could think of, but I could seriously eat it every single night.

3. Favorite beverage:
If we're talking non-alcoholic, I'd have to go with San Pellegrinos's Aranciata. It's a sparkling orange drink I would always get at this little Italian deli. If you find them, buy yourself one! Now for alcoholic beverages, it's a tie between gin and gingers, 8 Ball Oatmeal Stout from Humbolt County... And any good, red wine I can get my hands on.

4. What is your first memory of being creative?:
My first memory of being creative would have to be making jewelry with the quartz I found while vacationing with my family in South Carolina. I also remember being pretty stoked to have my sketches published in the St. Petersburg Times several times in elementary school.

5. What or who inspires you?:
Often, the most everyday things inspire me - whether it's a person, an old house that's falling apart, a song, or just the way the sun shines through the trees. I find myself off in space staring at inanimate things like they're works of art wayyy too often. Also, playing dress-up in my closet; there's nothing better than breathing new life into an old piece by wearing it a completely different way (not to mention good for the wallet).

6. Favorite quote that inspires your artwork:
"Live with Passion." Simple, but I find it to be quite powerful, as passion is the fuel that drives me in every aspect of my life.

7. Favorite thing about your artwork:
I love inspiring people to try new looks - especially ones they never thought they'd wear. Even my mom and boyfriend's styles have become so much more daring recently!

8. Challenges about your artwork:
One of the things I love most about fashion is how it's always changing, but at the same time I find the constant evolution of the fashion industry to be quite overwhelming at times. There's so much to love out there that I sometimes get too wrapped up in all the "of the moment" trends. I certainly love playing around with new looks, but I think it's very important to embrace and cultivate your own style. Just as the great Yves Saint Laurent said, "Fashions fade, style is eternal."

9. Your dream piece of art to create:
I would love to one day design a jewelry line that is part gypsy part luxury. I crave roughly cut stones placed on a luxe, rose gold chain, or leather strung with black pearls that you wrap around your wrist. I'd also love to have them at an affordable price point since I think that's an untapped market for jewelry. I have tons of sketches, but just need the courage to do something with them!

10. Favorite article of clothing/accessory/shoes:
This is definitely a tough one, but I'd have to go with my vintage Gucci watch. It was the first gift my dad gave my mom, and she was kind enough to give it to me. It's super delicate, so I love to wear it with tons of bracelets to make it my own.

11. Where can we see more of you?:
You can find my daily doses of inspiration at!

12. Can we buy you?:
Not yet, but maybe one day if all goes according to plan!

13. What are your hopes & dreams for your work?:
I would love for blogging to become my full time job. I feel as if it would open so many doors and provide me with new opportunities I never knew were possible.

14. Anything else we should know?:
I'm so flattered Adrienne chose me to be featured on Thick Hair Does Not Tease amongst all the talented people. She's an amazing writer, sister and friend :)
*I did not make her say this, promise!

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