Thursday, March 31, 2011

creative cultures 7

I first met Blake - actually Blake's mom - when I was in 6th grade. I was in the hallway at Westminster during my Reading class, with Sandra & Chris, 2 of our great friends. Mrs.Airdo (affectionately refered to as Krazy Karol - only sometimes!!!) approached us and said she had a son and 2 twin daughters, they were moving from Illinois and if we liked WA. Me, being Miss.WA-enthusiast, completely convinced her to send them to Westminster (& become my besties). I also remember our band teacher (yes, I played the trumpet, so did this CC) announcing to our class that the next year we'd have a few new students. He mentioned twins, Blake & Lauren, only to have Weston chirp in, "that sounds like a BOY!". I mentioned that at their rehersal dinner!

Junior High Volleyball, '99

Senior Year Spirit Night, 2003
The next summer we finally got to all meet and they fit in so perfectly. They were athletic, so fun, social & totally precious. They were a huge part of my teenage years & remain so now that we are all in our twenties & spread out. I used to love hanging out at their house with their parents & brother. It was always funny when I went anywhere with their family, because I was the tallest one in the "family". Blake and I loved orange soda, our senior year art class, sitting together in Chapel, going to McDonalds for lunch & Jack's on anyone's birthdays! We had tons of beach days, slumber parties and dealing with the oh so dramatic high school sagas. We stay in touch via gchat, twitter, our blogs, weddings & south Florida reunions. I am so happy that Blake & Weston ended up together, they are two of my favorite people, ever! Meet Blake
Weston & Blake
A. Stage of life, year in school, major:
Interior Designer for Storetech+Co. I head up their residential department! I majored in Interior Design in college with and Art Minor. Although i initially went to study history and go to law school i just couldn't at the time see myself doing this for what we like to call interior design it was. seeing that i always had an eye for things that patterned :) although lately i will confess i have an itch to go to law school and do the whole criminal minds thing! well sort of! ha! or maybe i just like to argue!

S. Details about you :
about me. hmm...why is it so hard to talk about me?! well i am half way to 50! i have almost been married to my seventh grade sweetheart for one whole year now! its been the best year ever! well, i lie its been the best 13 years ever with him! i couldn't imagine my life without him! Never A Dull Moment! I like to paint on rainy days. I'm definitely a doodler. I talk to my twin sister pretty much all day long, couldn't imagine if we didn't. I want a french bull dog or a golden-doodle, heck i just want a dog to call my own.

L. Where you are based, where you are going, where you want your work to go:
I am based in sunny south florida right on the beach! yup thats right, i wake up to the ocean every morning. where am i going? anywhere i suppose! my work... well i want my work to go where its meant to go and heck make a pretty penny while im at it. i dont want to limit myself, ever.

2. Favorite meal:
this is hard. i'm such a foodie! its a problem! so ill go with whats my biggest craving these days... SUSHI and steamed mussels in coconut milk with curry and jalepenos! Yup its pretty much amazing! 
25th Birthday Martini
3. Favorite beverage: as a girl i loved yoohoo. i could go for a yoohoo right about now! now that im grown up... i'd have to say a dirty martini is my signature drink of choice!

4. What is your first memory of being creative? i dont have a good memory.

Blake painted this flower which became her wedding invitation!
5. What or who inspires you? im always inspired by things i see and brainstorming.

6. Favorite quote that inspires your work: these days... Keep Calm and Carry on.

Inspired by Rothko
7. Favorite thing about your artwork: its my outlet.

8. Challenges about your artwork: me, myself, and i. I am my toughest critic.
Celebrating her 25th in NYC & his first time in the Big Apple
9. Your dream piece of art to create: my dream home!

10. Favorite article of clothing/accessory/shoes : dresses. i love dresses. even if dont need them or have room for them in my closet they find their way home with me! favorite accessory, my grandmothers engagement ring and wedding band. for sentimental reasons. she gave it to her youngest daughter, my mom. and my mom gave it to me! {aww}

Graduation present for her brother & his wife - both graduated from FAU
11. Where can we see more of you? Cotton Tales
12. Can we buy you? maybe, yes, coming soon.... sorelle paper & prints.

Partners In Crime/Womb-mates, celebrating their 25th at ACE Hotel in NYC
13. What are your hopes & dreams for your work? work with my sister more and expand our business, watch it grow. have my own firm or be self-employed. design YOUR home! see hard work get paid off.

14. Anything else we should know? i try to think of one good idea every day! you know like the next big thing ;) haha

Acrylic on canvas, Christmas present for her sister
If you would love to be featured as a Creative Culture or would like to nominate someone, just comment on this post & I will be in touch!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

keep em coming.

the best part of birthdays, is letting yourself continue the celebrations (sans the cupcakes). last night when I got home from work, I had a lovely present waiting for me from one of my bestest friends & my birthday buddy.

 CRM & I celebrating at our joint-birth day party

I opened the box up to find a gorgeous bracelet!

sugar coat bangle, kate spade new york

"donna" picked this color out for me, which will be great for layering with other bangles & for gamedays! (one of our favorite memories). & the best part was she got it for a great price, which I love because I love a great deal & when my friends get to take advantage of them. does NOT make the gift any less wonderful, if anything, I am even happier!


lots of kate spade new york pieces on sale.. some of my other favorites (in case you havent sent me a present yet... hehe)

trellis crystal ring, kate spade new york

putting on the ritz earring, kate spade new york
I was given a beautiful pair of kate spade earrings by another one of my bests as a gift for being in her wedding! kate spade pieces make beautiful gifts, great quality & special without breaking the bank!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

chevy chevy yeah yeah

I have been on a chevron kick the past few weeks. I find the pattern to be flattering (much more so than horizontal stripes, ew & less obvious than vertical stripes). It is slightly nautical & whimsy to me. I have seen it on dresses, decor & even on a DIY carpet on Dear Genevieve.

Alice + Olivia Dress, Sold out, everywhere

Chevron Calling Cards

Decor Pad via PeacockFeather
MeOhMy DIY Project
PatchNYC plates for Anthropologie
 & last, a chevron-inspired look..

Spring Into Fuschia Dress
How would you wear a chevron?

Monday, March 28, 2011

for now

not much going on in my world.. but I am loving this dress. Sad it's wrong season... my wallet is happy.
Lipsy Mini Shift Dress with Embellished Bib

Thursday, March 24, 2011

creative cultures 6

This week's CC has been in my life since the ripe age of 4. I remember meeting Lindsey on our first day of kindergarten, we were both wearing balloon suits. Forget what those are?

thanks Mom (& Margaret) for helping us bond by being completely mortified to be wearing a floral onesie.

Lindsey & I got in a trouble a lot, had a lot of fun & came up with some pretty adventurous things in our days at Bethany, Westminster and even Florida State. When we were about 8 we almost burnt a whole campsite down, we learned to smoke cigars together (also at age 8) & she glued glitter all over her entire face. In high school, she got a stomach bug from hell on our summer camping trip & we painted our bodies blue for Spirit Night during homecoming week. And then in college, she died her hair so dark black that it looked purple. The best part was that she did it on Halloween and people thought it was just for a costume. Not so much.

Camping trip from hell, 2002
Besides being a liability, Lindsey is a wonderful friend to myself and my family. One of our dogs is named after her, true story. She is beyond creative & should just really have her own reality show. Without further embarassment or employment hazard, meet Lindsey. Love you Midnight Star.

Such a pretty gal
1. A/S/L with a twist:

A. Stage of life, year in school, major
24 year old SWF, two years out of college

S. Details about you
Having graduated from the great Florida State University a couple of years ago, I am now paddling my way through the uncharted waters of the small-business world.

L. Where you are based, where you are going, where you want your work to go
I am currently making my home in sunny South Florida in the washed up, has-been spring break destination town of Fort Lauderdale. While I don’t have any imminent plans to pack up and move, I do love to bounce around the globe whenever possible. Photo-adventures on the docket for this summer include: Riding a motorcycle across India and visiting the Grand Canyon.

2. Favorite meal:
I love a good Chicken Tikka Masala.

Recognize these two cuties?
 3. Favorite beverage:
My goodness, my Guinness!

4. What is your first memory of being creative?
One of my family’s favorite pastimes is watching old home videos. One such video showcases my first documented artistic endeavor. It started with a children’s science experiment kit, my dad, and my baby sister. It ended with me getting a spanking and sent to my room for smearing noxious chemicals all over the table and sister.

I fancy myself something of a curious scientist/adventurer. My life’s goals are to discover/create a new element and/or have my photograph featured in National Geographic.

Lindsey did SugarBump's (& CC5's) wedding
5. What or who inspires you?
I am literally inspired by hundreds of things one day, and maybe nothing at all the next. One day a couple of weeks ago I got stood up for lunch (it happens). That day happened to be on a collision course with creativity. So I made a little phone-shot video of my lonely little lunch break which ended up not being quite so lonely. See it here:

Also, I watch a lot of Vimeo videos. DSLR HD video is a bright, fresh frontier for the visual arts. This one is my favorite:
Inspiration is a state of mind. And I find that when those creative receptors in my brain are swung open like a pair of stately barn doors, it’s full-tilt boogie, baby.

 6. Favorite quote that inspires your artwork:
“So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” –Mark Twain. What a stud.

I love this quote because it not only inspires me to do and to create passionately, but to live passionately as well. This quote promises that life is rife with adventure and swordfights and explosions of color, so long as we keep our eyes and our brains and our hearts open.
nifty huh? Armstrong wedding, 2011
7. Favorite thing about your artwork:
Versatility. The most alluring thing about the photographic medium is that it is constantly changing—constantly in flux. The technologies of photography are in a constant state of evolution. It is the ultimate safeguard against boredom, my arch nemesis.

8. Challenges about your artwork:
Conception. The most difficult part of any project is to first conceive of it. To reach deeply into the infinite realm of possibility and pull out an idea. A concept. Something crisp and fresh and shiny. There is an entire branching universe of materials, conceptions, and inspiration. The permutations of the three are endless. I often find that it is difficult to synthesize inspiration when it’s time to crank out a project. That, my dear, is my greatest challenge.

Limestone Coasters (not cookies).
9. Your dream piece of art to create:
I’ve recently become dazzled by the concept of transferring photographs to plywood using what’s called a “photographic caulk transfer”. Its fun because it gets me out from behind my monstrous computer screen and allows me to combine the versatility of digital photography with the unique process of working with wood. I was recently in a wedding for a dear friend, and made her these charming little limestone coasters with photos from her blissful day using the image transfer method.

My dream would be to take this method and make it gargantuan. I’m talking four-foot-by-four-foot panels. Maybe three of them. Sublime.

10. Favorite article of clothing/accessory/shoes:
I can really get into a good chunky necklace and a floppy vintage leather shoulder-bag. Mmhmm.
Top of Limestone Coasters
11. Where can we see more of you?
A few of my favorite collections can be seen at Or on my blog at I can also be spotted causing mischief of one kind or another in and around the Fort Lauderdale area.

12. Can we buy you?
This sounds a lot like something that might happen in an unlit parking lot next to a dumpster. But yes! You can! Based on the breadth of work I’ve done in the past, it is impossible to create generalized packages for clients. My work is priced and specified in a way that is tailored to each client individually.

13. What are your hopes & dreams for your work?
I love working in print and would love to do it more. I remember looking at TIME Magazine’s person of the year—Vladimir Putin (my celebrity crush. Don’t judge), a couple of years ago and thinking “someone was behind the camera to capture this incredible portrait. That could be me.” For every extraordinary photograph, there is a bright and brilliant eye on the other side of the glass.

Couple portrait, 2010
14. Anything else we should know?
I’ve had three black eyes and Bell’s Palsy all in the last three months. If that’s not the most interesting thing that’s happened to me in the last six months, I don’t know what is.

Life is an adventure. And when it’s not an adventure, it’s a big wild dance party. So kick up your heels and get to it.

Cheers, Compatriots!

If you would love to be featured as a Creative Culture or would like to nominate someone, just comment on this post & I will be in touch!

& just because they make me smile...
2 new whiddon girls, Molly & Scout (Scout & Molly?)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


a few days a week I debate getting starbucks. love the caffeine, but can never decide what to freaking get. I end up asking Jordie what she got that morning (she tends to get a hot skinny latte - half vanilla & half caramel) & tend to copy it! today I asked Emily (hazelnut latte, 4-5pumps of espresso, iced or hot depending on the weather), but could not find the motivation - or the dollar bills to go, or to ask the internista to go for me.

one morning in Vegas I NEEDED caffeine to survive and could not think hard enough to order something for one of our designers to get for me, so she said she'd get me what she was getting. I love it. it's heave caffeine so do not drink too often!

what are your go-to signature starbucks orders?

ask for:
triple venti white mocha
1 PUMP ONLY (unless you want to be large)
no whip, non fat milk, no foam
1 sugar (or Splenda, etc.)

yum yum yum.

woof wednesday

sorry for the woof hiatus. still love my puppies needing a home!

Amy, who is one of my soul sisters, has always loved loved loved animals. She always used to wear animal t-shirts all the time when were little squirts. One time when we were in her mom's volvo on the way home from dance class, her young brother, Doug, threw a piece of plastic out the window (a wrapper to his McDonalds raccoon toy from Pocahontus - weird memory, I know.) Amy got so upset and cried all the way home. I was so confused, I knew litering was wrong, but I did not feel like she did, that a wild raccoon or possum would eat it & choke. We laugh about that story now.. and many other stories from that Volvo.

She has a heart of gold & has volunteered with the Broward County Animal Care for as long as she was able to. Occasionally, Amy will send me goldens that need rescuing in Broward County. I am not sure if she does this to torment me or not :)

But here are some of the cuties she has recently sent...

My name is Macy. I am 1 year 3 month old Golden Retriever. I am very playful and love to run. I will need a little training on my manners as I am all over you kissing like crazy but in a playful way. I would do great in any home enviroment. I would do great with other dogs but no cats, please because I will just chase them but not hurt them. I am just a playful and happy girl. Come meet me today


I'm not sure what I like better, this pup's adorable face or her fabulous rainbow & sunshine background
DOG - ID#A1429998

I am an unaltered female, brn/white Labrador Retriever.
My age is unknown.
I have been at the shelter since Mar 14, 2011.

More information on all these pups can be accessed by calling: (954) 359-1313 or visiting their website!

Adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment.

Wanna join Woof Wednesdays?!

We would love to bring you on board.

Or just start posting about a dog in need of a home on your blog or facebook page!

oh and join our group on facebook!

oh and here too on our page

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

weekender : birthday edition!

to commemorate my becoming an old woman, Jon took me to San Diego for half the weekend.

First stop: George's At The Cove

Terrace overlooking the La Jolla Cove
If you go to San Diego, this place is a must! The sunset view is amazing, of course we caught the tail end of that and enjoyed it at the bar..
Blood Orange Margarita & Arrogant Bastard Ale
 From our seats at the bar I realized we were a few bar-stools over from.......

Roberto & Ali
Still together, etc.. I might, MIGHT have told the bachelorette party next to us at our eventual table that they were there & advised the bachelorette to get a picture. MIGHT have.

Asian Marinated Skirt Steak, my choice

Nothing says Birthday, like Birthday steak (& onion rings)

Grilled Niman Ranch Beef Burger, his choice
Folks were kind enough to make Jon the lunch menu burger that we saw a picture of when picking our dinner spot. His choice > my choice. & They sent us away with a free bottle of gourmet extra virgin olive oil as my birthday present!

The next morning, I took Jon to the San Diego spot that Lindsay took me to that I thought was so fun.. La Jolla Cove.. to check these guys out:
Seals galore!
This is another can't miss spot in San Diego, the Seals are there 365 days a year, just chilling. We saw a mamma teaching a pup how to swim, an old guy dreaming, a few playing.. and most of them snoozing! & the view is gorgeous. After the Cove, we met Lindsay & her husband, David for brunch at Beaumont's Eatery; another place definitely worth going to! Unfortunately allow & perhaps suspect that you might have to remind your waitress a few times of what you ordered/how to split a check/wait 20 minutese for water... But the food is worth it & they have a great patio.

The grand encore for the weekend was the San Diego Zoo! I was so excited. I took some friends with me, to see their friends:
H&M Beatle, Old Navy Sea Horse
We first took the free bus tour, do not make mistake we did, sit on the left side of the bus for the best views! Of course the first animal I see off the bus is my dad's current dream animal.. a miniature donkey.

 I have always loved Flamingos. You can take the girl out of Florida, but you cannot take the Florida out of the girl (?)

 Obviously I was obsessed with the Leopard & Golden Retriever BFF combination. There are 7 sets of best friends. How cool is that?
 I read yesterday (& unfortunately saw the video) of Knut, the famous Polar Bear, dying. This guy was certainly not dead & was pretty entertaining pressing himself up against the cold windows...
 The San Diego Zoo is wonderful. Great zoo with lots to see, learn, do, walk & ride! We skipped the Sky-fari ski-lift-esque tour.

Sunday was miserable weather all day long. I made Egg's in a Basket for the first time & got rave reviews (from my one & only food critic).

Bread - 1 piece per basket
    *cut (or bite.....oops) a hole in the center
    *butter both sides of your now bread donut
Egg - 1 per basket
Cheese - Optional & only a pinch

1. Heat your fry pan up, place 1 piece of bread, let brown
2. Flip over, crack egg & break into hole
3. Watch........ watch....... think you are going to mess up, but watch..... finally! When the whites turn to white'ish & the yolk looks a little less gooey, flip over - quickly! just do it, like ripping off a bandaid.
4. Sprinkle a little bit of grated cheese.. let melt
5. Let sit on pan for ~2-4 minutes... your egg should have cooked mostly while it was on the other side, this is just to finish off the yolk! You can take a peak under a corner, once it looks like it is well toasted, voila!

post flip & cheese