Monday, February 7, 2011


I love visitors. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Come be one. With J studying for the bar exam, visitors are a great chance for me to get out of his studying ways & explore all the girly parts of my town. (ie: cafes, bakeries, vintage shopping, tourist spots)

My sorority sister who lives in San Diego ventured up to El Lay to meet up with another FSU alum, who shares my last name! (We are both going to ask our parents about their heritage - we both know Wales, but would like to know further, she might be a long lost cousin)

Saturday morning I ventured back to El Lay, once getting on the highway I felt like I was back in south Florida, thanks to this:

First stop, Toast. Taken from their own website, self-proclaiming, "Toast is a place everyone can enjoy, and you and your friends will feel that much cooler when you leave." We probably would have diverted our plans if we had seen that earlier, but nonetheless, it was yum.

Next stop, Hollywood sign! My friend gave me a great little shortcut to get to the best view of the grand sign. We only made it 2/3 the way there, oops.

Glamourous self-portrait
Followed by, my new favorite beer!

The waiter laughed when we did not use our glasses, we are from Florida (State), bottle is perfect.
Meet, Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager:
Sidenote, J & I stopped in NOLA on our long drive to the West Coast where we both tried Abita Ale, and I may or may not have stolen my glass pint with Abita logo on it. Strawberry & I were destined to be friends. Now where can I buy in Los Angeles...

I was constantly agonized by the adorable pictures my family kept sending me of the puppy visitors we had at our house:

Star Daniels, Gracie Daniels, Spencer Holt, Scout Whiddon & Molly Whiddon. BFFs
And then, just when I did not think my weekend could not get more wonderful, she arrived:
Free People dust bag, perfectly wrapped..
MY vintage, Gucci, crossbody bag
Beautifully wrapped, sealed, packed & sent from the seller I bought it from. I am so excited to use her! She is bigger than I thought, but I love that. & She it totally use-able without the strap. Gucci clutch? Yes please. Now, if I could think of an adequate name for her... Her new roommates are: Miss America (LV Speedy), Miss Saigon (quilted Chanel) & Jennifer Lopez (python Prada). What, you don't name your prized pieces? Weird.

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