Tuesday, February 8, 2011

tips & jazz

one of my favorite blogs to read: Boobs & Loubs (take everything with a grain of salt, dearies) often blogs about her 'tips & shit'. I, by no means, think of myself as a beauty/hair/skin product connoisseuer (I had to google the spelling on that!); except for the one time during ADPi Rush that the rush chair said my teeth whitener was the best she had ever used, thanks for the shout out!.

but it is always fun to share product ideas.

I love this stuff. I use it morning & night, in the AM use it while you: pick what you want to wear for the day, put on your jewelry, let the dog out (just make sure the dog does not run away and you have to spit it in the bushes and yell for him to come back, never happened to me, I am just saying.) It does not work over night but makes teeth less sensitive than evil strips.


I decided when I moved to California, that I was going to stop highlighting my hair. Turns out I am more of a natural strawberry blonde than I thought! But my hair does have a very strong red tint in the under layers, so I use this to keep my blondie. The best part about using it is that it is bright, pearl-icious, PURPLE when it comes out of the bottle, a beautiful color. The worst part is that it stains the shower walls. Oops.

starting to see a trend? I have always walked straight past Lush when I saw it in the mall, thought it was a waste of money for bath soaps. Only after being stuck in the Orlando airport did I wander in and sample a few things & get their handy dandy "Lush Times" catalog.
I love this cleansing lotion because it is just that, a cleansing lotion, aka it eliminates one of the steps! Granted, it is not to be used alone when you are dealing with a full face of makeup or a serious skin blemish, but I use it morning & night.

eye makeup remover:
Yep. Your eyes are not fooling you. My eyes freak out whenever I use true "eye makeup remover", even the Neutrogena kind. This has been my go to for, forever. My tub is probably 5 years old.. (sanitary?). I dap it on, do something else for a few minutes and then wipe clean with a cotton ball. Great to put on chapped lips at night too.

self tanner:

I was introduced to his by Beth in college. We all began using it religiously during those cold Tallahassee winter months. It is a gradual tan, smells good and is a true moisturizer & not just tanning! Best part? Buy it at WalMart!
under eyes/problem areas:
We all need this. Dark bags: check. Red Nose from being sick: check. Blemish: check. Windburn: check. Just get it, trust me.

In high school, I used to wear a different scent e.v.e.r.y day. I was super cool. Here are a few of many favorites:
Aquolina, Pink Sugar
Jordan used this all the time in college, therefore I used to use Jordan's all the time in college. Haha. I finally bought my own after graduation. Smells like cotton candy sugary goodness.

Chanel, Chance
This really needs no explanation, if you have smelt it, you know., and if you have not, do you live under a rock? Run to your nearest Sephora and spray up.

Cacharel, Amor Amor
I first bought this at SteinMart, I had smelt it in Seventeen Magazine when I was 16 & loved it. I re-bought it last year after finding it at Marshall's. It is girly, a little bolder than your typical perfume. I still love it. Best part is it is often found at off-price retailers!

Victoria's Secret, Succulent
Sadly, Victoria Secret no longer makes their Mood line of perfume. Yearn, Sweet Craving & Succulent were the scents in this collection. Succulent was my favorite. I now use it sparingly so I do not run out. I found it was 75% off in one of their massive sales. The scent is ambery vanilla with a touch of warm sugar (can you smell it yet?).

I have found a bit of a replacement in:

Britney Spears, Fantasy

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