Wednesday, February 2, 2011

marshall's find!

I am going to Las Vegas AND New York City in February (for work, but still!!!!). The weather is going to be cold & the dress code fancy nancy schmancy. When I am working I will be wearing clothes by the designers we rep but for the fun part, I have lots of outfits to plan. 10 days away = multi-functional pieces.

I found this gem yesterday at Marshalls & purchased mostly with a giftcard! End cost for me = $6.34. sah-weet!

Planning on wearing with:
Black jeans, black top, booties
Blue jeans, black top, round toe heels
Black dress, black tights, booties
Black skirt, black top, black tights, round toe heels
Embellished black top, black cigarette pants, either shoes

catch my drift here..?

Jones New York Collection Zip Blazer


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Anonymous said...

Obsessed! I so need that. I also need to make a trip to Marshall's - you can't beat good finds! Wishing we were in Vegas the same time. . .I'll be there the last weekend in Feb.