Friday, February 11, 2011

friday things

things that are making me happy today:
1. I am going to vegas on sunday (for the first time ever!) for work. followed by nyc on thursday, also for work!
2. J is taking the bar in 12 days, he is studying like a champ. I will be so glad when it is over & more importantly, passed!
3. dad is feeling great.

Avalon Hotel, by night
4. I got to see the lovely, beautiful, creative genius & funny, "Pretty Ashley" two times this week. She was in town for a Florida State Film School fundraising trip, she gets to work for the garnet & gold. We watched 9 short films and kept being so impressed & thinking it was so cool that these students have studied, are now doing and will continue to do exactly what they started their freshman year doing. I am on career 5 & Ashley is debating what her next steps will be.. We think film students are cool.
We also got to go to the newly renovated Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills for dinner at, Oliverio. The hotel was a favorite of Marilyn Monroe, she lived here for 3 years... a little history blurb from I Am Not A Stalker..

"the historic Avalon Hotel, where my girl Marilyn Monroe once lived for a period of about three years back in the 1950’s. During that time, the property was a residential motel known as the Beverly Carlton that was first opened in 1948 and was designed by legendary graphic designer Alvin Lustig. And while the hotel was actually considered to be a moderately priced accommodation for its time, besides Marilyn, such stars as Mae West, Lucille Ball, and Desi Arnaz often stayed there. In the 70s and 80s the hotel became rundown, underwent several remodels, and was transformed into both a retirement home and an apartment complex. In 1998, property developer Brad Korzen purchased it and enlisted his now-wife, Kelly Wearstler of KWID Designs, to give the place an extensive reboot. In doing so, Wearstler and her team researched the original design elements of the hotel, which they obtained from photographs taken by famed photographer Julius Shulman for a 1948 Forum Magazine article, and it was those original designs that ended up serving as the inspiration for the entire remodel."

Poolside bungalows. I can just see Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz hanging here!
It was great seeing Ashley, it is always fun when people are here visiting because it makes me make the effort to hang out with friends that I love, but might not have had the opportunity to hang out with one on one, if I was back in my comfort home (state).

5. The text I just got from my sister:

Refering to when our mom would drive us around in the backseat of her big, white, 2 door, Cadillac. We'd fill the back seat with Cabbage Patch dolls and us, decked out in neon windbreaker shorts, no doubt, jamming out to Madonna, the Immaculate Collection
while listening to our cassette of..

there may never be a collection of songs that can top this
6. Getting to see NYC friends!

7. The wonderful responses I have gotten from Creative Cultures

things that are not making me happy today:
1. Ambiguity about the shows I will be working at, (not making me unhappy, more anxious!)
2. Do not know what to pack!
3. The NYC weather I will be in. Frio = No Bueno.

stuck in italics and I do not know why.

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Smitten Design said...

LOVED spending two night with you! Have fun in NYC and I will get my survey back to you this week.