Thursday, February 10, 2011

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In an attempt to spread the blog love, I have decided to create a new weekly addition to thick hair: creative cultures. each week I will select someone from the creatives who has work to share. creatives can include: art, cooking, graphic design, fashion, writing, etc. anything that inspires others and can be original.

my first creative culture feature is: Cara Murphy, of Ponte Vedra, Florida, currently living in Tallahassee, Florida.

I first met Cara on bid day 2006, she is my pledge sister. I instantly knew I liked Cara when she said, "I love Jesus & I love margaritas". Cara could often be found barefoot, with a skateboard, wandering the ADPi house making sisters laugh, driving sisters to class, balling on the IM field, & making sister's smile, just by being herself. she loves tye-dye, the beach and being a hippie. We also both drove old school 4Runners.

so without further ado, meet her:
self portait
more of her work:

1. A/S/L with a twist:
I'm 23 years old, and at the stage in my life I like to refer to as "limbo". I just graduated from FSU and am in the hopefully soon to be non-perpetual search of a job in which I am forced to be creative. I majored in Studio Art and Art History so I am anxiously wanting to just relocate and surround myself with people who share the same passions and ambition as I do. I'm an avid writer and Palahniuk reader as well as a lover of all things involving the ocean. I love music as much as I love art and am undoubtedly obsessed with Florida State Football. As for where I want my work to go, like most artists, I just want to become an expert at what I do. I work with any medium I can get my hands on and would love to continue to dabble in other areas as well as perfecting my work in the areas in which I'm most successful; painting and photography.

2. Favorite Meal:
My favorite meal has to be a tie between a fully loaded Peruvian from Angie's Subs in Jax Beach, complete with Fritos on it...and First Street Grille's (also in Jax Beach, which is now closed...pause for moment of silence....) french onion soup.'s making me homesick just thinking about it!

3. Favorite Drink:
My favorite non-alcoholic beverage is most definitely Cheerwine. It's not sold in Florida apparently, so my friend Jordan brings it when he comes to visit from GA.
My favorite alcoholic beverage would have to be Bluepoint Toasted Lager. It's such a good beer and I didn't discover it until last week! I'm Irish, what can I say.

4. What is your first memory of being creative?
My first memory of being creative was in Kindergarden. My mom used to be the "art lady" and would bring in pieces of art for the class to discuss. I remember always having, what my kindergarden mind thought to be really awesome insight. I would think about the art all week until she brought the next one in. I thought it was the raddest thing ever.

5. What or who inspires you?
My mom has really been the one to influence and inspire me the most as an artist. She has been painting my whole life and watching how talented she is has always made me want to push myself. Even when I wanted to make art my major, which is definitely a leap of faith, she always stood by me and encouraged me to expand my creativity. I'm also really inspired by music. If I'm listening to say, Tom Waits, my art is going to reflect a more bluesy feel, whereas if I'm listening to the Ting Tings, it may be a little more bouncy and get the idea.

6. Favorite quote that inspires your artwork:
"I do my thing, and you do your thing. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you, and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, it's beautiful."

-Frederick E. Perl

This quote reminds me to stay true to myself at all times. This is a really important reminder in the art world because people can be so pretentious and want you to change the way you do things. It's one thing to alter a commissioned piece of work for someone, and quite another to be asked to change your style or inspiration as a whole. I've learned this the hard way in every aspect of life. If someone wants to buy a particular piece of artwork, that piece was meant for them; they've established a connection with it. It's the same with who you are as a person. No one should ever want to change who you are to meet their credentials. They should love and accept you as a person just the way you are....(cue Bruno Mars music....)

7. Favorite thing about your artwork:
My favorite thing about my artwork is that it's diverse. I get just as much joy out of welding some metal together as I do from painting say, a still life. I just love art. All of it.

8. Challenging think about your artwork:
A challenge about my artwork is that it's diverse! HA. I know it's the same answer, but sometimes artists are expected to focus on one medium or have one particular style. It's something that I'm always struggling with because I can never decide which medium/style I love the most. Also, I suck at painting people.

9. Your dream piece of art:
Hmmm...iif Dali and Enzo Cucchi had a baby (I know they're both dudes, but just work with me) and he or she did a giant oil painting while listening to some Strung Out mixed with Cake...the band, not the food, and some Bassnectar. HA! I just thought of that right now. THAT would be so badass.

10. Favorite article of clothing/accessory/shoes:
My favorite thing ever (besides the things mentioned above) is a good pair of heels. I LOVE shoes. I have this pair of black sequin stilettos with pink skulls on them. They're my absolute favorite thing I own.

"In the Colors"

11. Where can we see more of you?
I'm currently working on my website, so keep looking back at, but right now you can look at my Facebook page: Expressive Elements by Cara English. Or my tumblr: ArtFartNart
12. Can we buy you?
If you're interested in any commissioned work or photography sessions, please feel free to e-mail me!
If you are interested in being featured on creative cultures, let me know. I have a lineup for a few weeks but am excited to continue!


Emily Elizabeth said...

Miss A.J.! I love this feture! It is fantastic fun! Wonderful addition to my lunch break! Of course now I want to leave my office and go up to the Cowboys' design studio to paint!

Heather said...

ummmm is this my long lost sister? Painting check, photography, check, music, check, ocean, check, sucks at painting people, CHECK! awesome artist and awesome blog addition! Why have I not met this girl sissy?