Wednesday, January 19, 2011

woof wednesday

Meet: Dallas
Irvine, California
Golden Retriever/Chow Mix
Sparky & the Gang Shelter

"Dallas will be one big fluffy girl with a big heart...She is extremly sweet and loves to run and play..Her owners had to many dogs and mom had 8 pups and he did not know to do.....sooooo.....instead of dumping them off at the shelter we rescued them..He said mom was a Retervier MIx and Daddy is unknown.They are 3 months old and already 20 pounds... "

Dallas is close to being my dream dog. Golden with a little bit of flare. Super big & furry = heaven. I want to cuddle with her NOW!

Please call or email to meet this dog today.

"no paw left behind"
It's our mission!
Adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment.
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