Wednesday, January 5, 2011

woof wednesday

Meet the Bears!
Doggie Protective Services
Palo Alto, California
Honey Bear, female
"Have you seen her belly lately? She eats, sleeps, eats, plays, eats, sleeps, eats...She's actually this great little puppy who is playful and fun loving but she loves her food. She isn't greedy. She doesn't mind sharing at all. She just kind of looks like Budha when it's all over."

Gummy Bear, female
"Can you say laid back? Ready to go on a moment's notice but just hangs out when nothing else is going on. She doesn't mind just hanging out while her foster mom is making dinner."

Smokey Bear, male
"His coat has a Charcoal-light gray tint and within a few months he will probably be considerably lighter as we've watched him go from a dark black to this gray tone. He has a fabulous personality. He is a total lover boy. He gets along famously with the cat and that's probably his best friend. They often are found sleeping together."

Snuggle Bear, female
"The name says it all. You want a snuggly kind of dog? You got it. She's a snuggle-bug. She loves to play with toys. She's very gentle but she has a streak of independence too."

Teddy Bear, male
"He's one of two males in the litter. He is one big ball of love. If you want a dog who is going to adore you and think you are the world, here's your boy. He is content to play with his siblings or his toys but when his foster family is around, he lives for them."

Yogi Bear, male
"He's the other male in the litter. He's the most responsive. He wants to learn tricks. He is very treat motivated. He likes strangers or people he knows alike. He's a total Retriever type of personality. He has personality plus and it shines even in a great group like this one."

"The Bear litter is 8 weeks old as of December 30th. Their mom was a Golden Retriever mix who was very friendly. Unfortunately she was unable to produce enough milk and the puppies had to be bottle fed. They all survived and boy, have they thrived! There are 4 girls and 2 boys in the litter. They are all playful without being over the top energetic. They are loving, sweet and amazingly seem to be the most mellow group of puppies we've had in a long time. Of course don't let that fool you. A puppy is a puppy. There is no such thing as truly mellow.

The litter is currently living with a family who has dogs, cats and kids. The puppies are played with when they're not crashed out from fun time with their toys and littermates. They have very docile personalities. There hasn't been one particular one that has shown him/herself to be dominant. They eat, sleep and play together. They all eat well together and aren't aggressive at all."

"no paw left behind"

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