Wednesday, January 12, 2011

woof wednesday: Chalky

I am loving this pup's hair do!

Meet: Chalky
Palo Alto, California

Chalky, male
fluffy tail too!

"Chalky was born on October 21st and had 7 siblings that all had to be bottle fed. Chalky was the lone survivor of the litter. Sometimes this happens if mom can't take care of them. We're just thrilled he survived. He is teflon strong! He is absolutely full of personality, spunk, mischief and there is a moment he isn't ready to play. He is full of himself and probably one of the smartest pups we've had in a long time. He learned the doggy door the first day and thought it was pretty cool to run in and out. He is crate trained. He loves to play with the cats. He has lived with big dogs and small dogs and he doesn't care as long as they want to play with him! He currently lives with kids who have taught him how to walk on a leash in his yard (not allowed out in public walking until he's had all of his shots!)

Chalky will probably be in the 50lbs range when full grown. He has a pretty dense coat which will require regular grooming. We have already started brushing him and he loves it especially if he gets a belly rub out of it too. Chalky loves to play with toys but most of all he loves to be with his people. He will be going full speed ahead like any good pup and all of sudden crash in the middle of the floor. Just 2 seconds before he may have been running but now he's sound asleep. It's life as a happy, healthy puppy

Look how cute he is in action too!:

"no paw left behind"

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