Tuesday, January 11, 2011

what's for dinner last night

I have not had a chance to do a real grocery shop yet since I got back from Florida, so last night I improvised after looking what we had in the reserves...
- chicken breasts
- 2 bags of left over torilla chips
- sour cream

hmmm.. how about chicken baked in tortilla chips? yes please.

take to google on my iphone.. chicken tortilla soup - no, chicken tortillas/fajitas - not tonight, baked tortilla chip chicken strips - yes!

my new favorite thing to do when I find recipes on my iPhone is take a screen capture of it (top button & home button at the same time). saves to your photo album!



egg mixture: (I substituted ~1/4 a cup of barbeque sauce & some chili powder/Lowry's seasoning for wing sauce as the chicken had been marinated & frozen in it already.. and we did not have wing sauce!)

my helper:
out of the oven & smelling SO good:
ta dah!
(served with rice that I added salsa too for a little Mexi-flare & topped with grated cheese and a dolop of sour cream.. & boring green beans.)

so yummy - definitely will be making again, might use the wing sauce next time.

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Anonymous said...

Looks delic! I'm impressed with you domestic skills to turn random ingredients to a yummy meal! Also, love the screen shot instructions - have always wanted to know how to do that. Thanks! :)