Monday, January 10, 2011

weekend recap

we had such a fun weekend.

started off having "Friday light delight" traffic, my new favorite term.

followed by sushi at octopus, then saw "The Fighter" which was surprisingly good! Christan Bale is amazing in it. We snuck in homemade (on the stove top popcorn too). I always get such a thrill out of sneaking snacks into the movie theather.

so sleepy - woke up early on a Saturday (who me? yes me.)

ate some Kashi CRUNCH with yogurt and bananas.

played some tennis at the park, always funny.

stopped for a yummy fresh donut on the way home.


made left overs into a yummy pulled pork samich.

off to a birthday dinner & party at la vida. wore my new faux leather skirt.

woke up, went to church at the rock . which unfortunately was 2.5 hrs, no bueno, especially when the message is only 35 minutes & all the announcements & fillers are tooooo long.

ate more Mexican! i cannot get enough guacamole this week.

watched too much television.

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