Monday, January 24, 2011

last wednesday

last wednesday I had a really scary incident happen.. a few people have asked for the details because it was quite an ordeal, so figured I would share with my e-friends.

"ugh, yeah it was terrifying.

i was actually trying to get to the VW dealership to service my car, but when they finally answered the phone they said they were closed, so i got off the highway so that i could go back towards my apt..

ending up getting lost in south central LA .. aka the parts of the town they tell you to never, ever, go to. where a lot of the gang stuff happens, its like 1.5 miles from where i work (you know how quickly parts of town can change tho..)

i turned left through a light at an intersection that had 2 lanes going each way, normal stuff.. traffic was pretty heavy so i didnt really see what i was turning into and ended up on the tram rails, which wasnt that big of i deal (at least i thought!) figured i would just turn out of it at the next intersection (i couldnt turn out in between because there were 6-8"ish concrete risers that my car wouldnt have been able to get over.)

only then i looked up and there was a tram coming up behind me.. 20ft tall, 4 cars full of people, horn blaring, huge light in my rear view mirror. so scary!

so i sped up, still thinking, okay, speeeeeed out and then just pull into the right lane. but when i started speeding and my car tires kept getting stuck in the divets where the trams wheels/rails go (like 6" openings that are deep"), which i didnt know where there bc ive never seen a tram in the middle of the stinking road. so i start swerving back and force bouncing off of the risers, felt my one tire pop and then finally got to the next intersection and was able to get out of the lane, only to have the tram continue to honk and speed past at 40mph at least. at some point my other tire had popped so when i pulled into the first parking lot i came to, i was hysterical & terrified to get out of the car (because of thinking my car was ruined & the part of town i was in after dark).

but thankfully, i had pulled into a fashion company where there were lots of kind asian people and nice cars.

tow truck came after abt and hour, jon got to me from his school pretty quickly thinking my car was like cut in half (oops.). tow guy said my rims may be cracked which meant a lot of damage so suggested i towed to VW (I guess i was destined to make it to vw one way or another) so got the car towed there where the sales team (service was closed) that they couldnt really see any rim damage.. just scratches. the sales guy was so nice and suggested i buy my own tires to save some $. so i bought tires the next AM, took them to VW & $500 later i am okay, and have 2 new front tires. woo!

i am so thankful the tram was behind me and not coming towards me.. would not have been good :(

i am okay, just really shaken up. i cant drive over railroad tracks without freaking out & downtown LA has tons, so driving to and from work is an emotional victory!!!"
it was a really really scary few moments, followed by the anxiety of having to pay for repairs. i am so thankful the Lord protected me!

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