Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a hand written note

Last night I wandered into Target as I had a gift card & was in need of some new lotion. TMI? Hope not, because I recently used a friends and fell in love with it. St.Ives Soothing Oatmeal Shea - and the greatest part is it is only $2.99. After my little car hiccup, I am trying to budget A LOT, so having a gift card & only spending $4.36 was a great accomplishment.

The other dollar?

Spent on this adorable Valentine's Day Card:

In the Target $1 section, they had some of the cutest Valentine's Day cards I have seen in a long time! I chose just this one - and it actually did not make it into the hands of my honey, I am using it to adorn my new cork board on my desk at work! GO GET SOME!

& it took every fiber of my being (okay not really..) to not buy this card too:

this post is 2 of my New Year's resolutions: 1. to take better care of my skin & 2. to write more notes. My old roommate, Jess, was so very diligent on writing hand written notes & I think there is nothing more personal or a way to show love than to take the simple time & effort and send a friend a little note.

I got a little jumpstart by doing Christmas cards, of course my great idea to do homemade & totally handwritten did not completely work - but I loved my final design product:
the inside read..
do all the things that make the holiday yours.

I was inspired by these:

Kate Spade's "Spike the Punch" holiday cards

I am also, as always, loving Papyrus' Valentine's Day cards (or any greeting card by them for that matter!)

Heart Quote

Pug with Heart Glasses

Flourishes & Heart Gem
Now if only I could afford $6 greeting cards to send to all my loves..

& a little plug for my favorite italian sisters.. Blake & Lauren are finally starting their paperie! I know the name, but cannot share yet! Check out some of their BEAUTIFUL compilations. Blake is the painter & Lauren is the graphic design! They are SO good.
here is a sampling:

Like/LOVE what you see? Me too! Check more out :

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Lauren & Derek said...

luv ya girl. thanks so much for the plug!