Friday, January 28, 2011

friday things

things that are making me happy today:

1. my dad got an AWESOME report from the hospital/doctors this morning. as a result, he bought a train for our backyard. a really expensive one. my dad has always taught us to live moderately when it came to possessions but exorbitantly when it came to experiences & friendships, so this is really funny to my sister and I. he chose the train over his thoughts of getting a donkey. yes, a donkey.

the initial email, which i instantly forwarded to a few friends to give them a good/GREAT laugh:
Email 2

And to save you having to go to this website, this is Hope Diamond, Spencer's "twin", as my sister claims.

2. Yesterday, while I was on: My Fashion Cents, I discovered I-Ella, "Share Your Closet", which is a website where you can buy, rent, bid and sell clothing from your own closet. Celebrities do charity auctions on it, this week: Selita Ebanks:

The great part about shopping on this site, is that 10% of the COST of your item, goes to a charity. You can choose from the charities on their website. So I was ecstatic when I found...

Vintage Gucci Crossbody
I have been looking for a vintage brown monogram gucci bag since I was in college, I would find one, debate it and then decide it was out of my price range. But this gem was not! Marked at $175, I decided to offer $145 (staying under $150 was my goal). I got an email this AM saying my offer was accepted! *The only sidenote here is that once your offer is accepted, it is open to the public so you have to act fast to purchase.

I got straight on my i-ella account and went to check out. I did not really realize the charity donation was built it, so when it popped up, I was pleasantly surpised that $14.50 (10%) of my purchase was going to a charity (I chose Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer), and I would be then be charged $130.50 for my dream vintage bag! I think YES! Shipping was $7, & should be here in 3-5 days. I will give a full report when she arrives.

3. Also making me happy, my new etsy necklace:
Sideways Cross Necklace
I saw a girl wearing it on the Bachelor, and started google-ing. I was excited to find one very similar on Etsy at LillyLawson. Shipping was $3 and it was here in 2 days! I am wearing it today & am enjoying it.

*Note, I know the past 2 items that are making me happy are shopping related. I hardly EVER shop these days as I am trying to save my money, but they are two things I know I will have for a long time, and are things that I have been looking for. & maybe I have a bit of my dad's "you only live once" attitude this week.

4. having this as my desktop background:
Former supermodel, Maggie Rizer's father, raised & showed Golden Retrievers from when she was a young age til he passed away. She now has three goldens of her own - Albert, Henry & Beatrice. Pictured here is Beatrice after being bathed for 3 hours (wow, dedication!). Her blog is a collection of memories, adorable pictures and stories about her life with goldens. Jealous, would be an understatement.

5. the amazing weather Los Angeles is currently experiencing

6. the weekend wedding of tyler & lauren, two wonderful friends

7. just booked work trips to las vegas & new york. first work trip ever!

8. my girlfriends who got my back.

9. my boss who is confident in my abilities and has been more than understanding with my car issues.

things that are not making me happy today (but am thankful I can cope with):

1. my car is in the shop, again. after last week's incident, this week's warranty recall on a part, babe (the car) decided she was hot and wanted to stop running. at 260 degrees, I obliged. VW sent roadside service, so she is there now, for the 3rd time in a week. I made it quite adomint that I would not be paying, because she was serviced & good to go last Thursday.

1a. I had to drive a tractor to work. Okay, a 98 4Runner, but it felt like a tractor.
1b. My parking pass is hanging where it is supposed to - babe's rearview mirror. $12 parking today with no pass.
1c. dealing with car issues has made me late to work 3 out of the last 5 days.

2. disrespectful people. nevermind disrespecting me, or someone I love, but respect yo-self!

3. not being able to go to tyler & lauren's wedding because I thought I would be in Aspen for work, which got mishandled/canceled/out of my hands.

sorry if I bored you with my longest post ever?

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