Friday, December 3, 2010


sure boss-lady, I will run to Michael Levine to buy you a hook and eye!

because, secretly, I obsess over pattern & fabric & potential. one day, when I have my own home and can decorate how I'd like, I will fly back to LA, go to this fabric store and pick out fabrics for: pillows, upholstery, duvets, draperies, place mats, aprons, gifts, little girls dresses, anything & everything that can be fabric.

it starts with the entrance: (sorry all these photos are from my iPhone, before the kind lady said.. "sorry mi amiga, no pictures allowed".. oops!, fortunately i got all the pictures i needed just in time!)

fabric pouring out of wall mounted paint cans
 throw pillow perfection? i think so!
 feathers, flowers, crystallized appliques.
 more geometric goodness
 baubles! details are the most important & the best way to personalize.
 not sure what i'd do with zippers in every color, but the selection was picture-worthy!
 yes please.
 leather scraps for cheap! picture frame decoupage? for making THIS!
 & more geometric pattern goodness.

I will say, I am thankful I have no more costume parties/socials to go to! dangerous.

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