Wednesday, November 17, 2010

woof wednesday

I tried, but I just cannot get away from my goldens. We have had 4 in our family, 5 including Spencer (the white torpedo as my dad calls her). Bonnie (1991-2005), Lizzie (1995-2004), Gracie & Star. They are the best breed of dogs, as far as I am concerned. Loyal, fun, all the good characteristics a dog should have, goldens have. All of ours have had different personalities - Bonnie was a little bossy, Lizzie was so happy and loved giving kisses, Gracie is a sassy brat that makes everyone smile, Star is a little ditzy and has twinkly eyes and Spencer is shy and really funny. My dogs have been missing my dad while he is in the hospital - Gracie made my mom cry she was acting so depressed! naturally, Gracie got a picture text sent to her from my dad telling her that he would be home to play soon.
at least I can show a golden from another city this time:
meet Rosalie:
"Mysteriously, arrived on Halloween- the Twilight Series puppies! Here we have Rosalie Cullen- approximately 9 weeks old. Rosalie looks to be a Golden Retriever puppy. We have no way of knowing this for sure. Rosalie is a very curious little girl. If you are interested, in adopting Rosalie, you can receive an application, by contacting: Robyn Dixon, 352-428-0985"

as if you need more pictures to fall in love:
 While puppies are amazing, they are a very big responsibility and should seriously considered, before adopting! All puppies grow up to be dogs, and they still need the love and companionship of a family.

"no paw left behind"

It's our mission!
Adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment.
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