Tuesday, November 2, 2010

san diego!

I am SO excited to venture down to san diego. my friend Jovanna who gets to travel a bunch for work and always documents/makes me jealous about her adventures. I told her I lived close by and she invited me to meet up with her and spend the day/night exploring. So naturally, I have been google-ing, yelp-ing, zagat-ing what we should do!

1. Gaslamp Quarter:
Historic area, upscale shopping (browsing!) and dining. Started with a wharf, built in 1870, and has remained a popular area. Hmmm.. okay, worth a wander?

2.Coronado, Balboa Park:
I'll be the first to admit I recognize this place from an episode of Baywatch. CJ (Pammy Anderson) solved some mystery. BUT Coronado is supposed to be beautiful to be around - landscaping, architecture, etc.
There is also a bike path that runs a great distance along the beach.. I love bike paths, but am usually terrified of other pedestrians/bikers/dogs/small children. Ha! I love the idea of exploring here during the day. It is also known for whale spotting - but not until January. boo.

3. Tijuana!
Thought we might make a day trip just passed the border.

4. San Diego Zoo
I. LOVE. ZOOS. I know, pathetic. What 24 year old girl likes looking at caged animals. But I cannot help it, I love seeing them up close & seeing them interact. San Diego Zoo is world reknown and has my favorites: Panda Bears! But tickets are expensive and it is out of the area we will be in.. so for now I will stick to: Panda Cam!

I'll be continuing my research.. ideas/suggestions welcome!

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