Wednesday, November 10, 2010

olive her already :: woof wednesday

meet Olive, she is one of 5 purebread golden puppies that were rescued after an outbreak of canine parvovirus (another reason why PET STORES are terrible.)

"Olive is one of five Golden pups rescued after being exposed to the canine parvovirus. She's a survivor and has been given a clean bill of health at 9 weeks old. She's rearing to go and ready to start her new life! We're looking for experienced puppy owners who have the time, availability and commitment to raise a pup. For consideration of this very special Denise at


but you should adopt her if you can.

this is the only picture of her (as if you need another one to capture her cutie-ness). i wish my dear friend Brittany was able to adopt her today for the mere fact that I could babysit for a few days & deliver her home!

goldens remind me of home & that is what I need at the moment.

check olive & her friends out at:

not able to adopt? foster! not able to foster? donate! not able to donate? be a part of woof wednesday! (or do all four!)

"no paw left behind"
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Adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment.
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Sugar Bump said...

I WANT HER!!!!!!

PS you should update your blog more with pictures of california!! I wanna see whats going on missy! :)