Thursday, November 18, 2010

a good advertisement..

I hate radio commercials. There isn't much that can add to my rush hour traffic road rage. It typically takes me 45minutes to get home, but the occasional 1hr 30 minute commute is becoming too typical. I try to listed to 95.9 the Fish (SoCal WAYfm) to stay calm, but recently they have been running, re-running, oh & let's play it one more time.. "cash for gold" commercials. Linda from Huntington Beach was rewarded $1,100 from her grandma's loose scraps, earrings, broken chains, she was able to put this money to her 7th grader's field trip to San Francisco and really felt like it was her Grandma's way of reaching down from heaven to her youngest grandchild. Sorry, but I do not care. 

However! Today on my morning commute, I heard the best commercial yet. 

FREE STARBUCKS. That's right, F-R-E-E.

From today (11/18) through Sunday (11/21) from the hours of  2-5pm, 8 of their holiday drinks are buy one, get one FREE!

Of course, in true Christian radio fashion, they challenged their listeners to pass the free one to the person behind you, or the stranger outside... But maybe someone will be a listener & I will be that person in line behind them, or that stranger outside :)

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