Sunday, October 24, 2010

Peter Jensen coming to Urban Outfitters

Part of my new job (yey!) includes seeking and scouting out places to place our products. lucky magazine, people style watch, etc have become some of my new text books (yey! again). I came across this designer whose signature items are these adorable sweaters for fall/holiday 2010. meet: Peter Jensen (website is still under construction, boo.) but here are some pictures courtesy of NitroliciousBlog:
the sweaters! guess which one I want..

Starting in December 2010 and available online at Urban Outfitters or in store, PJ by Peter Jensen will have a gotta-pay-my-bills-first friendlier price point. Just for fun, here is a snapshot of his runway look for Spring 2011, inspired by the 1970's!

"TOP LOOKS: Layered looks featuring to-the-knee skirts or floral dresses and Peter Pan collars; slim pantsuits cinched with a wide suede heart-shape belt; gauzy drop-sleeve caftan dress; the most elegant and wearable was a simple, backless navy satin halter gown"

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