Wednesday, July 7, 2010

woof wednesday!

thank you to cotton tales for sharing with me this great idea.

everyone (should) have a best friend.. human or not! i am fortunate to be on #3, 4 and 5 of my furry bffs. excuse the poor picture but getting 3 ladies to sit steal is not always easy!

meet my bitches (hehe):

Star (often referred to as Starry Girl or Starry Baby, or just my favorite), Gracie (she is the head hauncho) and Spencer (my sister's child)

In an attempt to spread awareness for pets needing adoption, I am going to (try) post a pet every Wednesday that needs adopting!

If you cant tell, I am impartial to Goldens.. so meet Goldie! She is young & slightly timid, but oh so beautiful!More information on Goldie can be found at:

Remember.. adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment!
Y gold for goldie ;)